Intelligent Audit Wins Inclusion in the Highly Coveted FreightTech 100 2021 for Third Year

Intelligent Audit Wins Inclusion in the Highly Coveted FreightTech 100 2021 for Third Year

The third annual FreightTech 100 award recipients are now publicly viewable on FreightWaves. And it comes as no surprise that Intelligent Audit secured a spot in the list for the third straight year, meaning Intelligent Audit has won recognition for all years since FreightTech 100’s inception. As companies look to rethink their strategies, such as FedEx’s changing time commitments or UPS increases to match USPS rates, knowing the value of Intelligent Audit’s inclusion on the FreightTech 100 is going to make a difference. And it’s time to look at how the awards are chosen and what Intelligent Audit is doing to help your company thrive through disruption.

What Are the FreightTech 100 Awards

The FreightTech 100 nominations are submitted via FreightWaves. The experts at FreightWaves narrow the nominees down to the top 100 performers for their ability to disrupt the market and innovate new solutions in freight. The 2021 FreightTech 100 includes major companies from all walks of life within the supply chain, including Peloton Technology, Ryder, XPO Logistics, Amazon, DHL, Toyota, Tesla, Starsky Robotics, and many more. Simply being chosen as an included winner of the top 100 puts Intelligent Audit in line with these major companies. 

Why Winning the FreightTech 100 for the Third Year Is Important

While winning the votes from the hand-picked group of CEOs, industry leaders, and investors is necessary to select the FreightTech 25, it’s essential to realize that companies have won and lost in the past. And while the 2021 FreightTech 25 has yet to be selected, top mentions from 2019 that fell off the top 25 list in 2020 include UPS, Waze, and Nikola Motor Company. And similarly, last year’s top 25 list saw several first-time winners, including, Starsky Robotics, and Ike. Not all companies can keep their rankings. But finding companies in the FreightTech100 for all years creates a more valuable lineup, including Amazon, FedEx, FourKites, Convoy, and yes, Intelligent Audit for its data and analytics value.

That’s the distinction. Companies that maintain inclusion on the FreightTech 100 continue to demonstrate real market value propositions and grow. As companies also build stronger reputations, their inclusion in the list of the yet-to-be-released 2021 Top 25 grows more likely.

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What Is Intelligent Audit Doing Differently to Maintain Inclusion

Intelligent Audit is an industry leader in processing and leveraging data, including much more than simple auditing, across more than 560 million shipments annually. Intelligent Audit clients span the globe and operate in nearly every currency imaginable. More importantly, the company was among the first to embrace technology for freight invoice auditing and was the first to produce a small package e-bill auditing solution. In time, that capability evolved into a comprehensive set of analytics and data management resources for Intelligent Audit clients.

Intelligent Audit also serves more than 2,800 customers, ranging from the most prominent companies globally like those of the Fortune 50 to enterprise companies with lower annual freight spend and less complexity. Regardless of volume, errors happen. And Intelligent Audit is proving that creating a resource that integrates with all systems, including carrier platforms, 3PLs resources, TMS vendors, and even legacy ERP, continues to build rapport for enterprise customers.

Of course, it helps that Intelligent Audit has also gained recognition on the Inc. 500 list, CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Logistics Tech Solutions Providers in 2017, and Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Freight Audit and Payment Providers

Winning 2021 FreightTech 100 Recognition Is Only the Beginning

As global logistics continues its ramp-up in anticipation of the biggest peak on record, while dealing with the continued pressures of global disruption, more companies are going to rethink their auditing strategies. More companies will need to recapture every penny possible to add value and maintain operational excellence. Next year is on track to produce more surcharges and higher general rate increases across all carriers. And the current peak surcharges for FedEx and UPS are already at a 400% increase over 2019 surcharges. Imagine how those values are going to impact companies’ freight spend—regardless of size. Transportation costs are going to break records and add up to a larger share of operating expenses. Fortunately, Intelligent Audit will be there, using technology to sort through invoices, quotes, and enterprise data to ensure companies get what they paid for and only pay for what’s correct, as well as to measure performance with data analytics. Is your company interested in learning more about Intelligent Audit? Submit your queries online today. 

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