Intelligent Audit Named one of PARCEL’s 2016 Hot Companies For Small Package Solutions

Intelligent Audit Named one of PARCEL’s 2016 Hot Companies For Small Package Solutions

If your company is at all involved in shipping or logistics, chances are you’ve read PARCEL. Their Parcel Hot Company Bannermagazine is widely considered a leading authority in the parcel industry. That’s why Intelligent Audit is proud to have once again made “The Annual List” and to be featured in its HOT COMPANIES issue.

PARCEL writes, “The small-parcel industry is a fast-moving one, and it’s important that professionals stay up-to-date on the happenings that could have a substantial impact on their bottom lines. As with almost any sector, successful partnerships are key to navigating the ever-changing waters. If you are looking for an industry expert to assist you in whatever portion of the logistics process you are responsible for, consider reaching out to one of the companies profiled.”

As our PARCEL profile states, “As the trusted transportation savings partner for more than 2,000 shippers worldwide, Intelligent Audit continually improves on its best-in-class technology in order to provide clients with an unparalleled mix of analytics and reporting.” In addition to providing comprehensive freight audit, recovery and payments solutions, Intelligent Audit is one of the only freight companies that provide an end-to-end solution for loss and damage claims. Furthermore, these are just a few of the many customized, cost-cutting services Intelligent Audit clients use to boost their bottom lines.

Read our complete PARCEL profile here, then complete the contact form on this page for a risk-free test run of Intelligent Audit’s industry-leading small package solutions.

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