Let Our Small Parcel Auditing Software Catch Shipping Invoice Errors

Let Our Small Parcel Auditing Software Catch Shipping Invoice Errors

Is your business a high-volume shipper? Do you a waste a significant amount of your employees’ valuable time making sure your FedEx and UPS bills are accurate? At Intelligent Audit, we realize your company’s time can be better spent focusing on your area of expertise, not your shipping bills. That’s why we offer groundbreaking small parcel audit software that will audit your shipping invoices more quickly and accurately than ever before. Our cloud-based small parcel auditing software will ensure that you never have to worry about overcharges or billing mistakes flying under your radar by conducting a weekly line-by-line review of your shipping invoices. This scan will focus on over 150 key audit points, making sure that:

  • Billing mistakes are reported promptly
  • Overcharges are eliminated, so you only pay what you owe
  • Late deliveries are refunded

When you sign up for a risk-free trial of our small parcel audit software, you can rest assured that your profits and savings are maximized. Contact us today to begin your free trial and let your business revenue reach its full potential.

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