Business Intelligence Meets the Supply Chain

Business Intelligence Meets the Supply Chain

Thanks to today’s business intelligence (BI) tools, companies are now realizing the inherent power of their transportation data to drive efficiencies and cost reductions in their supply chain processes. BI has become a must-have in the transportation and supply chain sector and is one of the highest-ranked functions requested by customers. BI tools help consolidate data into easily digestible formats that are typically presented in a more visual way.

When it comes to using BI tools, supply chain users typically fall into three categories:

1. Reporting
Business intelligence reports are more detailed and dynamic than ever before, resulting more productive discussions. Most BI tools have the ability to normalize and display transportation and billing data in visual formats that can be simply viewed or downloaded for easy sharing.

2. Real-time Dashboards
Managers and executives typically use dashboards to get a quick glimpse into transportation or supply chain network activities. These dashboards often provide near real-time information that allow users to identify and solve issues before they occur.

3. Benchmarking
Many companies are using BI tools to highlight patterns found in historical data that might provide insight into future risks and opportunities in their supply chain or transportation networks. Predictive analysis uses real-time data-driven insights to speed decision-making and create an agile and receptive supply chain.

So, how can you use your data to make better business decisions? 

By gaining insight into the activities and processes of their supply chains through detailed and actionable exception-based information, companies can now make strategic changes to their transportation and logistics operations in real time – resulting in greater supply chain efficiency, cost savings, and operational improvements.

At Intelligent Audit, our goal is to ensure that our customers achieve a higher level of control, better analytical capabilities, and reduced transportation and logistics costs. Our proprietary software and analytics tools help customers improve their operational processes, simplify workflows, and provide greater insight into cost saving opportunities.

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Intelligent Audit provides its clients with a global, all-mode transportation audit, recovery, freight payment, and business intelligence reporting partner.

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