CVS Saved Millions & Optimized The Transportation Network with Freight Audit Tech & Analytics

CVS needed an industry-leading and experienced auditor with a technological backbone that was versatile enough to meet the changing needs of the company moving forward.

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Results of For CVS with Intelligent Audit's Proprietary Freight Audit, Analytics & Spend Optimization

  • $9 million annual savings in shipping spend
  • identify that CVS would actually be able to reduce their DC footprint
  • a reduction in cost-per-package of $1.50 within six months
  • Normalize Vendor Names to track all expenses by vendor, overcoming spelling issues
  • Optimize their Footprint to shift nearly 90% of their volume from 2-day express to 1-day ground shipping
  • Identify options with Regional parcel carriers to save up to 40% on shipments
  • Identify True Time in Transit to modify its practices to leverage carrier capacity
  • Access a Vast Array of Executive Summary Reports to take actions to optimize shipping operations
  • Generate Same-Day Reports for continuous optimization of its shipping operations and cost streamlining with ad-hoc reporting
  • CVS Health had high expectations for a freight audit & spend optimization partner, and Intelligent Audit not only met those expectations, it far exceeded them

Company Spotlight

Intelligent Audit provides its clients with a global, all-mode transportation audit, recovery, freight payment, and business intelligence reporting partner.

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