Our Clients

Clients from Fortune 500 companies, medium enterprises, and small businesses trust Intelligent Audit to help them ship smarter. IA is industry-agnostic and works with over 2,500 clients around the globe.


Intelligent Audit works with clients across all industries to optimize the entire supply chain, uncover cost savings, automate administrative duties, and become proactive strategic partners. Regardless of industry, if your organization needs insight into supply chain and logistics performance, Intelligent Audit can help.

Use Cases

Intelligent Audit is a flexible solution that enables businesses to ship smarter in a mutlitude of use-cases

Shipping Modes

At our core, Intelligent Audit is a one-stop shop for smart freight auditing and recovery solutions, including contractual audits, service audits and invoice audits. The cost savings begin the day we receive your data. We audit all modes, such as:



Truck Load (tl)

Less than truck load (LTL)





blockchain for freight

Carrier and TMS Integrations

IA supports over 3,000 carriers across all transportation modes and integrates seamlessly with your TMS provider to be able to capture all of your manifest information in addition to your carrier invoice files.

Roles and Permissions

Intelligent Audit offers cloud-based access your data anytime, anywhere in real-time and at a number of user-defined business rules, workflows, user roles, and permissions.

Create customized views based on specific context:

Supply Chain & Logistics

Finance & Accounting

C-Level Stakeholders

Trend and historical dashboards by Intelligent Audit are designed to allow for fast, easy identification of key business relationships in data.

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We’ve compiled client stories of logistics and supply chain optimization successfully led by Intelligent Audit, including optimizations to freight audit, delivery exception analysis, and GL coding.

Solutions to Help You Think and Ship Smarter

Learn more about how IA’s proprietary, cloud-based solution can improve and optimize your business processes.

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