Delivery Bots Roll Out

Delivery Bots Roll Out

With e-commerce growing and changing the shipping game, it’s only natural that delivery methods will change as well. The first alternative that comes to mind is drone delivery. However, with all the obstacles in the way of allowing drones from various carriers to zip around private property, perhaps the next alternative delivery method won’t be by air – but by land.

In May, a California-based trial began using Starship Technologies’ delivery robots and 1-800-Flowers’ Mother’s Day flower deliveries. To fine-tune the program, deliveries were made one at a time under the watchful eye of Starship and 1-800 Flowers. The delivery robot used nine cameras and ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection and was set to travel at approximately four miles per hour – primarily traveling on sidewalks to avoid street traffic. After reaching the delivery destination, an app was used to access the goods inside the robot (i.e. flowers and a box of cookies) for each recipient.

Are delivery bots the future? Or automated delivery trucks? Will delivery bots be tasked with handling last-minute deliveries to alleviate traffic concerns in congested city limits?

While the future remains uncertain, you can rest assured that Intelligent Audit’s auditing software’s ability to keep up with changing technologies to protect you and your shipping auditing needs will remain intact.

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