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According to a recent report on, carriers face severe challenges in 2017. Industry news sources report that in the United States, more than 150 carrier bankruptcies took well over 4,000 trucks off American highways in the 4th Quarter of 2016. On the world stage, events like Brexit and the new U.S. administration’s policies add uncertainty into the future of global trade.

The mounting pressure brought on by increased regulations like electronic logging devices and “hours of service” limits has begun to push some carriers to shutting their doors. And with many large carriers seeing declines in operating income, and everyone experiencing escalating rates for liability insurance, the bigger, healthier firms you’ve come to rely on might not be willing (or able) to add to their fleets.

These events will result in a couple of important repercussions to your business. First, expect rising shipping costs as carriers seek to establish and maintain higher rate levels to relieve financial pressure. Second, with thousands of fewer trucks on the road, there are fewer options for your business. Finally, fewer trucks handling more work increases the chances of late deliveries and lost packages.

If shipping is a big part of your business, it’s critical that you examine your procurement strategies to ensure supplier diversity and pay attention to carriers’ financials. And that’s exactly what Intelligent Audit is here for.

Our solutions improve transportation and logistics functions by addressing the common problems faced by companies today: 1) lack of key information; 2) limited company resources, and; 3) poor practices by carriers. All carriers have their own way of doing business. But one thing they all have in common is the increasing performance and financial pressure they face every day. Don’t let their challenges become your challenges.

The experts at Intelligent Audit can help you leverage a comprehensive freight audit solution in place on the front end, so you can be sure that there are no overcharges or billing errors and that your contracted rates are in compliance before payment. On the back end, we provide the industry’s most complete and thorough audit of all of your shipments.

With today’s dollars being pulled in every direction, now more than ever it’s critical that you collect the refunds your company is due from your carriers’ errors. Let us show you how! Contact us today and find out just how many refunds you’ve been missing.

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