FedEx Launches Loyalty Program for Small Businesses

FedEx Launches Loyalty Program for Small Businesses

Earlier this week FedEx announced the launch of My FedEx Rewards, a loyalty program for small businesses that is based on its pre-existing loyalty programs. The program, which is free to join, will allow any small business that ships or prints with FedEx to receive special offers and earn rewards for eligible FedEx Office Shipments and FedEx shipments.

Becky Huling, the Vice President of Customer Engagement commented on the new loyalty program, stating:

It creates another avenue for FedEx to help our customers succeed in expanding their businesses by introducing them to new solutions and tools through a creative, fun, and highly interactive process.


Loyalty has evolved beyond one-way interactions from customers to businesses. For FedEx, loyalty is about engagement, dialogue, and effective interaction. It is a partnership between equals, and success is measured as much by how well we serve our customers’ needs as by how much they trust us with their business.

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