Introducing Intelligent Audit’s Blockchain Solution for Shippers, Intellichain

Introducing Intelligent Audit’s Blockchain Solution for Shippers, Intellichain

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you know that Blockchain is all the craze. However, we often see people throw the word around purely to piggy back on its popularity, without even really knowing what it is or how it could be leveraged.

At Intelligent Audit, we have taken a thoughtful approach to how we could integrate blockchain into our offering. After months of hard work, we have developed our blockchain powered solution for creating greater visibility and cost savings for shippers – Intellichain.

FreighWaves, the extremely influential freight and logistics blog, recently published an article titled “Intelligent Audit announces plans for Intellichain – a Perch, for Everyone,” which gives great insights into Intelligent Audit’s unique position and ability to leverage over 20 years of experience to integrate blockchain technology into the shipping space.

According to Yosie Lebovich, CEO of Intelligent Audit

Blockchains will alter more than how we store and record information; they will also alter what we can do with that information

Intellichain separates itself from other solutions by being an end-to-end solution. From warehouse to payment, Intellichain offers a universal billing system that is built on blockchain technology, connecting shippers, carriers, warehouse management systems, transportation execution systems, and freight auditors.

Inteliichain leverages Intelligent Audit’s proprietary technology to create 4 immutable ledgers:

  1. Carrier Agreemetns
  2. Shipment Transit
  3. Invoice Billing Activity
  4. Load Tendering

By combining these 4 ledgers, the audit becomes a self-enclosed process within a smart contract that significantly reduces costs by speeding up payment.

Intellichain’s smart contract scorecards the quality of data received, allowing for all parties to continuously improve their data gathering and communication ability.

Intelligent Audit will be presenting Intellichain at the upcoming BiTA conference, for more information on Intellichain please visit our site here.

Intelligent Audit provides its clients with a global, all-mode transportation audit, recovery, freight payment, and business intelligence reporting partner.

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