New York City UPS Stores Caught Overcharging Customers

New York City UPS Stores Caught Overcharging Customers

The New York Post reported recently that UPS Stores in Manhattan are often overcharging customers by as much as $20 per package.

The Post launched their probe after former UPS Store franchisees Robert and Thomas Hagan sued UPS claiming customers were being overcharged. The Hagans’ lawyer stated, “Our clients believe their case lays bare the inner workings of a system that has defrauded UPS customers throughout the metropolitan area.” The Hagans hired private investigator Paul Puccini, who found deceptive sales practices were allegedly promoted at more than 40 Manhattan stores.

During The Post’s own investigation, they discovered that the employees at UPS Stores were frequently deceptive when discussing the benefits of the more profitable air delivery. Despite a UPS Ground two-day delivery guarantee, the store clerks often insisted that two-day ground delivery was uncertain and urged the customers to send the packages via UPS Air.

While not usually through deceitful means, UPS and other carriers often make mistakes within their commercial invoices. If your business is a high volume shipper, your small parcel invoices should be audited daily. Our unique small parcel auditing software will take that burden off your hands and help get you money that you are due! The benefits of a small parcel audit include:

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  • Capturing proof of delivery to get refunds when packages are delivered later than their expected delivery time.
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