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Pieces of Freight

The U.S. Bureau of Transportation recently released the North American Freight Numbers for November 2016. U.S.-NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) freight value for the month totaled $91.1 billion – that number represents a 3.3 percent increase from November 2015. In a year, freight shipments amount to more than 20 billion pounds of goods valued at almost 20 trillion dollars. Every pound and every dollar is attached to an invoice … so how much of your resources go to keeping an eye on freight activities?

Whether you are single-modal or multimodal, Intelligent Audit’s freight payment service allows you to streamline your accounts payable department and the tasks they do each day. With our proprietary software, you’ll be able to leverage:


  • Customized Freight Payment Applications based on your General Ledger Coding – Our professionals will work with your A/P staff to create custom reporting that will feed your financial teams’ general ledger coding on a line item level.
  • Multi-Currency Accounts – Intelligent Audit maintains accounts around the world in local currencies, so you never need to worry about currency conversions.
  • Same-Day Release – We release all funds to the carriers on the day we receive them. Unlike other shipping consultants, we do not use your funds as a revenue-producing entity.
  • Much more!


Our powerful freight audit and payment solution gives shippers the tools they need for effective transportation expense management. From reducing accounting and reconciliation tasks to creating cost savings to delivering real-world business intelligence, the benefits of a world-class freight audit and payment solution are many.

If you’re already our customer, you know that you’re getting the most complete audit and recovery in the industry. Why not trust us to apply the same expertise to your accounting and reconciliation tasks? Freight payment services are a logical extension of our core audit and recovery business, and a key component of the comprehensive auditing services we provide.

Contact an Intelligent Audit representative today to learn about our freight payment capabilities and how our service can benefit your company.