Precision Parcel Auditing: When Spot-Checking Doesn’t Cut It

Precision Parcel Auditing: When Spot-Checking Doesn’t Cut It

Spot-checking your business can be a productive way to improve your overall organization. Perhaps you review the materials used to produce certain goods to ensure those materials are up to standard. Maybe it’s a monthly examination of your web site’s traffic, or you assess your operations for sustainability compliance. When it comes to auditing your small parcel shipping invoices from large, multinational carriers like FedEx and UPS, however, a spot-check simply won’t cut it. Between overcharges, misapplication of new surcharges, mistaken deliveries and late deliveries, oversights can occur on practically any UPS or FedEx invoice your company receives throughout the year. There is a considerable amount of money to be saved by properly auditing these carrier bills, which is why it’s time your shipping company replaced “spot-checking” with something of greater fortitude and authority, like a thorough, software-driven small parcel auditing solution from Intelligent Audit.

A feature in PARCEL Magazine’s list of hot companies, the #1 spot in Inc. 5000’s list of Top Logistics and Transportations Companies, and a litany of satisfied Fortune 500 clientele are enough for anyone to rest on, and yet Intelligent Audit is still constantly refining the auditing approach. We focus on over 150 key audit facets, pinpointing anomalies such as overcharges, duplicate billing and unshipped packages. Our cloud-based software accurately sweeps your invoices like a fine-tooth comb, finding even the smallest needles in your shipping haystack. And the best part? You don’t pay us until you start to see those savings build! Now doesn’t that sound better than a “spot-check?”

Like it or not, high-volume shipping means dealing with FedEx and UPS, but that doesn’t mean the overhead price tag needs to be inflated. Leave the spot-checking to someone less critical – let Intelligent Audit handle the fine print. Contact Intelligent Audit today to begin your risk-free trial of our small parcel auditing software today, and give your business revenue the security it deserves.

Intelligent Audit provides its clients with a global, all-mode transportation audit, recovery, freight payment, and business intelligence reporting partner.

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