Reducing the Impact of Carrier Delays This Season with the Power of IA’s Data Analytics

Reducing the Impact of Carrier Delays This Season with the Power of IA’s Data Analytics

The overwhelming increase in shipments from online shoppers has resulted in UPS delivery delays early in the holiday season – prompting the carrier to push drivers to work extra hours to minimize impacts.

UPS, a primary carrier of some of the world’s largest retailers including Wal-Mart Stores and Amazon, is now tacking on a 1-2-day transit time on an undetermined number of deliveries because of record sales on Cyber Monday. These delays indicate that delivery networks still struggle with effectively managing the year’s busiest shopping periods despite heavy investments in building out and automating their operations and capacity.

To better manage delays, UPS notified employees at over 100 of its highest demand package-delivery centers that it may increase the number of hours drivers work. During the holiday season, drivers may be asked to work 70 hours over an 8-day period – up from 60 over 7 days. In some areas, Union leadership has objected to this, claiming that the longer hours put drivers at risk.

The U.S. Postal Service, which delivers more online orders to residences than any other service, has also extended its delivery hours to handle the additional volume – including early morning, evening, and Sunday delivery options.

How can IA help your business get through this holiday season unscathed?

While the holiday season can result in greater profitability, it can also increase the probability for delivery failure (package loss, late deliveries, lost-not-shipped packages, etc.)

Intelligent Audit’s small parcel shipping audit provides a comprehensive safety net that extends far beyond the typical spot check conducted by most auditors. Our proprietary solution examines over 150 key audit points including late shipments, duplicate billing, loss and damage claims, manifested not shipped packages, residential adjustments, and address corrections.

Make the most of this holiday season. Let IA help you gain visibility into your parcel and freight carrier data and proactively monitor service levels this holiday season and maintain high customer satisfaction levels! Our proprietary software solution and analytics tools will help you minimize potential impacts to your business and keep your supply chain processes running smoothly.

For more information on IA’s software and business analytics tools, contact us today at or (201) 880-1110.

Intelligent Audit provides its clients with a global, all-mode transportation audit, recovery, freight payment, and business intelligence reporting partner.

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