Resolve to Save in 2016: Small Parcel Auditing Solutions from IA

Resolve to Save in 2016: Small Parcel Auditing Solutions from IA

With a New Year on the horizon, the resolutions are coming in fast and furious. You know the drill: the gyms and health food stores seem awfully crowded for the first few weeks of January – that is, until the old habits creep back in. Broken resolutions are nothing new, but if your resolution involves saving hard-earned money on your business’ small parcel shipping, we’ll make sure you see it through.

Intelligent Audit’s convenient cloud-based small parcel auditing software is a must-have for any high-volume shipper. This savings solution takes the burden of catching errors in your UPS and FedEx invoices off your shoulders by conducting weekly line-by-line reviews of your shipping invoices. You’ll no longer have to worry about overcharges or billing mistakes slipping through the cracks; our software focuses on more than 150 key audit points, so you can rest assured that:

  • Overcharges on invoices are eliminated, so you only pay what you owe
  • Billing mistakes are reported promptly and efficiently
  • All late deliveries are refunded

Checking your billing invoices manually is too time-consuming to handle effectively while you run your business. So it’s not only money you’ll be saving with our small parcel auditing software; you’ll be saving time and energy too. Jumpstart your resolution to save with our free trial run, and you’ll be a success before you even begin.

Contact Intelligent Audit today to try our cloud-based small parcel auditing software today, and give your business revenue the fortitude it needs for success.

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