Freight Payment

Intelligent Audit offers freight payment services as a logical extension of our core audit and recovery business.


Whether you are single modal or multimodal, our freight payment service can allow you to streamline your accounts payable department and the daily tasks they do each day.

If you are our customer, you already know that you are getting the most comprehensive audit and recovery in the industry. Why not trust us to handle some of your accounting and reconciliation tasks on your behalf.

We offer the following differences from some of our competition:

  • Customized Freight Payment Application based on your General Ledger Coding – our team will work with your A/P teams to create custom reporting that will feed your financial teams’ general ledger coding on a line item level.
  • Multi-Currency Accounts – IA has accounts throughout the world in local currencies, so you never need to worry about currency conversions.
  • Same Day Release – It is important to know that we release all funds to the carriers on the same day we receive them. We do not use your funds as a revenue producing entity.
  • Improved Carrier Customer Service – By feeding your A/P teams with the information they need, we are able to get the carriers paid in a more expedited fashion.
  • We Become Your Liaison to Your Carriers – IA becomes the source for answers to the carriers’ questions regarding remittance advances, open balance, etc.

Contact an IA representative to inquire about this service and its application to your company.