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Businesses that ship small parcels tend to ship lots of small parcels. Whether they’re shipped at once or continually throughout the week, the quantity alone can allow numerous unnecessary overcharges and recovery opportunities to slip through the cracks. And that doesn’t even take into account the countless surcharges UPS, FedEx and other carriers (often needlessly and unjustifiably) attach to small parcel shipments. To ensure you’re never overpaying for small parcel shipments, you need the industry-leading cloud-based software and expert account representatives only Intelligent Audit provides.

Intelligent Audit’s small parcel shipping audit provides a catch-all safety net that goes far beyond the typical shipper’s weekly spot check. We focus on over 150 key audit points, weeding out overcharges due to late shipments, duplicate billing, loss and damage claims, manifested not shipped packages, residential adjustments, address corrections and much more. In doing so, we not only recover your overcharges; we help prevent future overcharges from occurring.

In addition to going over UPS and FedEx’s weekly and daily invoices with a fine-toothed comb, we provide 24/7 access to our cloud-based software, and real-time visibility which allows for maximum savings on your small parcel shipments. And as always, you don’t pay us a single cent until you begin seeing those savings, with our guaranteed proof of recovery.

So, don’t let small parcel shipments lead to large financial burdens. Request a risk-free test-run of Intelligent Audit’s small parcel audit and find out how much you can expect to save on your next small parcel shipment.