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Intelligent Audit leverages deep knowledge of the freight and transportation industry to provide clients with an unrivaled ability to uncover opportunities for cost reduction and strategic improvements. Our proprietary software system allows you to automate many of the most labor-intensive tasks such as gathering and analyzing supply chain data within the carrier payment process while applying advanced data analytics to highlight areas for improvement throughout your organization.typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

Freight Audit & Recovery
Carrier Contract Optimization
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Finance & Accounting Tools
Freight Payment
Advisory Services

Freight Audit and Recovery

Intelligent Audit is a leader in freight audit and recovery, leveraging over 20 years of industry experience and a cutting-edge software system to help clients to:
  • Identify existing and potential future issues and maximize refunds across all carriers and modes globally.
  • Audit over 150 points to recover any potential opportunity regardless of dollar amount.
  • Automate dispute submission and resolution tasks.
  • Create systematic processes to drive and increase cost savings.
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Business Intelligence & Analytics

As companies are forced to cut costs and reduce in-house data analyzation efforts, Intelligent Audit acts a valuable extension of your analyst team.

Intelligent Audit automates administrative duties so we can serve as strategic partners to clients, helping your company to:

  • Visualize and analyze complex data.
  • Deliver attractive, customizable reports for internal and external use.
  • Drive proactive versus reactive strategies using BI and analytics tools.
  • Bring data into common alignment within diverse departments.
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Carrier Contract Optimization

Intelligent Audit provides contract optimization services to ensure that you receive best-in-class service at the lowest possible price.

Our company leverages data analytics and industry insight to:

  • Analyze carrier contracts and determine cost reduction opportunities.
  • Identify areas for improvement and optimize current contracts.
  • Holistically analyze your supply chain to lower costs, improve transit time, increase customer satisfaction
  • Simplify contract management and with the support of IA advisors.
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Finance & Accounting Tools

The benefits of Intelligent Audit’s services extend well beyond the supply chain, to the entire organization.

Using your company’s data, Intelligent Audit can ensure that the Finance and Accounting group can:

  • Effectively manage complex GL coding and cost center allocation entries.
  • Automate multi-currency freight payment and remittance processes.
  • Accurately categorize costs by business unit.
  • Model and forecast accruals and landed costs.
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Freight Payment

Intelligent Audit streamlines your freight payment system, relieving you of the administrative and operational burden of manual freight intervention and payment.

Our solution supports audit and payment capabilities in more than 120 currencies for seamless transactions, domestic and abroad. By utilizing the freight payment services offered by Intelligent Audit, you can:

  • Streamline your accounts payable processes.
  • Ensure that carriers are paid correctly, on time, and in line with existing contractual payment terms.
  • Accurately manage and allocate costs across your organization.
  • Simplify your operations and improve your bottom line.
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Advisory Services

Our team of trusted advisors acts as strategic partners to client companies, using industry knowledge and data analytics trends to give clients a big-picture view of the freight transportation industry in real-time.

Our team is continuously monitoring the internal and external business environment to identify custom solutions for the benefit of your organization, now and in the future. With Intelligent Audit’s Advisory Services, you can:

  • Identify new business and strategic improvement opportunities.
  • Manage business and process proposals, customized to speak to various stakeholders.
  • Achieve new strategic objectives, from conception to implementation.
  • Rest easy that our seasoned staff will provide tailored solutions explicitly configured to improve your unique business processes.
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