Intellichain is a fabric composed of multiple connected blockchains, creating an immutable system of record

Our platform connects shippers, carriers, warehouse management systems, transportation execution systems, and freight auditors together to deliver a more robust solution to all parties. Intellichain ensures carriers are paid faster, shippers pay less with less billing discrepancies for all.

Intellichain converts the four key elements required for payment into immutable undeniable ledgers: Carrier Agreement, Shipment Transit Activity, Invoice Billing Activity, and Load Tendering. The combination of these ledgers allows for the audit process to be self enclosed within a smart contract, drastically reducing overhead by speeding up payment.

Through the experience of auditing billions of shipments over 20 years across 1,000 carriers, we know that the last missing element is visibility into what was not provided. Our smart contracts will scorecard the quality of data received, allowing for all parties to continuously improve their data gathering and communication ability.


Blockchain in Logistics and Payment: Transformation Ahead

Transit Transparency

Live Updates to Monitor Delivery Exceptions

Global View

All Transportation Modes in one Immutable View

End to End Visibility

Follow the Journey of a Shipment from Warehouse to Delivery and Payment

Faster Settlement

Leverage Quicker Invoice Payments for Greater Incentives

Direct Ownership

Own Your Data and Connect to Other Blockchains

Custom Business Rules

Highly Configurable Smart Contracts from Cost Allocation to Payment Terms


The Intellichain Team combines a passion for logistics, industry expertise & a proven record in supply chain technology, development, & thought-leadership.

  • Yosie Lebovich

  • Emil Lebovich

  • Hannah Testani

  • Michael Testani

  • Daniel Leva
    Global Strategic Sales and Marketing

  • Cheryl Leinthall
    Director of Global Audit

  • Mark Lerner
    Director of Marketing

  • Arin Lipman
    Software Developer Manager

  • Rajeev Aggarwal
    Senior Blockchain Technology Architect

  • Will Kogan
    Senior Contract Analyst

  • Jake Strange
    MD of Operations

  • Leon Harary
    Sales & Business Development

The Intellichain Journey

The First Clear Path to an Indisputable Chain of Events
in Shipping Logistics, from Manifest to Payment

  • Tender

    Initial visibility to shipment

  • Track & Trace

    Receive key alerts around actionable exceptions

  • Receive Invoices

    Invoices are connected to manifest data

  • Invoice Dispute

    Allow for invoices to be reviewed and disputed

  • Carrier Response

    An open platform for carriers to resolve disputes painlessly

  • Intellichain Rating

    Rate each shipment by performance, data visibility, and invoice clarity

  • Forecasted Spend

    Receive modeled spend based on contracted rates

  • Delivery Confirmation

    Permanent Proof of Delivery and predictive response to lost shipments

  • Audit and Allocate

    Our proprietary and industry leading audit reduces spend

  • Invoice Remittance

    Send payment instructions

  • Cross – Blockchain Integration

    Allow external Blockchains to use validated end-to-end visibility