Why do more high‐volume shippers turn to Intelligent Audit to help them turn their supply
chains into profit centers?

  • Only Intelligent Audit takes a 360° approach to transportation recovery, meticulously auditing, analyzing and reporting across all modes, locations and systems.
  • Unlike other players that recover less than 50% of entitled refunds, IA recovers 100% of overpays, claiming thousands of dollars previously left on the table.
  • IA has the ability to provide the business intelligence needed for smart business decisions — including carrier choice, proactive mode and service level management, and shipment consolidation, to name a few.
  • The IA solution provides real-­time visibility (vs. months long processes common in the industry) accessed directly by clients, for full control and maximum hard-­ and soft-dollar savings.
  • IA stands alone in the fact that it is a fully self-­funded solution: Clients don’t pay until the savings begin. 80% of new clients choose Intelligent Audit to replace an existing solution that can’t come close to capitalizing on all available savings opportunities.
  • IA provides our industry leading, cloud based software and services to all of our partners. They can use our software to help them manage both small and large logistic networks 24/7 at no additional cost.
  • Our dedication to Loss and Damage recovery cannot be matched in the industry.
  • IA is privately held – this allows us the flexibility to cater our partnership with you in a manner that is always Win / Win.