UPS Workers Threaten to Strike During the Busy Holiday Season

UPS Workers Threaten to Strike During the Busy Holiday Season

A recent article published by Business Insider discusses impending UPS worker strikes amid the busy holiday shipping due to disagreements over changes to employee health care benefits.

UPS aircraft mechanics and associated employees who maintain the company’s air cargo fleet are now publishing ads in USA Today and the Seattle Times stating: “What every American should know before they ship with UPS during the holidays: UPS wants to make deep cuts to its aircraft mechanics’ health care benefits. That’s why the 1,300 aircraft mechanics who keep UPS planes running during the holiday season are ready to strike.”

The workers, represented by the Teamsters Local 2727 union, claim UPS wants to drastically reduce their health care benefits and have been in contract negotiations with UPS over the changes. The union, who authorized UPS workers to strike, also filed a request with the Federal National Mediation Board to be released from the negotiations but was denied. These workers cannot go on strike unless the board releases them from negotiations.

Despite the tension, UPS promises its customers will “remain in good hands during the holidays” – claiming that the aircraft mechanics’ union’s ads “include more of the same exaggerated rhetoric designed to pressure our ongoing labor contract negotiations.” UPS believes the negotiations will result in a “win-win contract, just as in all of our previous mechanic negotiations” and are ready to meet with the union to work towards a successful agreement.

So, what does this mean for your business?

Things happen – especially supply chain disruptions. When disruptions impact a company’s supply chain, management needs real-time visibility into their operations to effectively re-strategize and minimize potential impacts. The faster you have access to information, the sooner you can address the problem.

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