USPS Rules Out Dimensional Pricing

The United States Postal Service (USPS), in an effort to gain market share from shipping competitors UPS and FedEx, has stated they will not switch to dimensional weight in 2015. The USPS will continue to base prices on weight alone as their major competitors’ switch to a volume-based system that will increase the rates of small parcel shipment. The continuation of a weight based system is intended to keep prices down for small ecommerce businesses, making   USPS a viable choice as a primary shipping carrier.

The USPS commented on the retention of weight-based pricing, saying, “Unlike other shipping companies, the Postal Service is not implementing new dimensional weight charges with this pricing proposal, continuing its commitment to deliver the best value for customers.” Whether your primary carrier uses weight-based or dimensional pricing, we can help ensure they are living up to the terms of your businesses’ carrier agreement. Contact us for a risk-free test-run of our freight auditing and contract proposal analysis.

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