WEBINAR REPLAY: Learn How Other Shippers are Leveraging​

Lasership & Ontrac to Diversify their Carrier Risk

Use the form to the right to access and watch the replay of the Intelligent Audit Webinar “Learn How Other Shippers are Leveraging Lasership & Ontrac to Diversify their Carrier Risk” held on March 30th, 2020 at 2:00 PM EST.

This webinar replay will address the ever changing parcel and carrier landscape as a result of a rapid acceleration of e-commerce and the need of shippers to have a diversified carrier network. In addition to speaking about what major industry changes, like the LaserShip acquisition of OnTrac impact the landscape, hear from our panelists about the role of data in improving a shipper’s performance resulting in lowering total  costs and improving customer experience.

Use the form on the right to access the replay of the webinar.

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This event will cover:

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