Welcome to “Recommerce” Season

Welcome to “Recommerce” Season

According to a recent survey commissioned by FedEx Express Canada, gift cards were one of the “it” gifts this holiday season. A majority of Canadians surveyed 66 percent reported that some of the cheer they spread this year was of the plastic and wallet-sized variety. The popularity of gift cards means that the holiday commerce season now extends into January and beyond as recipients head to their favorite retailers’ websites to redeem them.

The survey also highlights the redemption and return activities of shoppers during the “recommerce” shopping season:

  • 58 percent of gift card recipients prefer online redemption because they can avoid crowded stores.
  • 54 percent like the convenience of having packages shipped directly to them.
  • About two-thirds of those surveyed said they wouldn’t use their gift cards within the first month of receiving them.

46 percent of respondents who said they redeem gift cards online prefer to do so because they can access online exclusive products and offers, and the same percentage said they redeem gift cards online because there’s more of a variety of items to choose from. However, this doesn’t ensure the buyers always get exactly what they want; 1 out of every 4 gifts are exchanged or returned! And returning items purchased online isn’t seen as the inconvenience it once was; more the half of survey respondents who return items purchased online say that returning online purchases is simple and straightforward.

E-commerce is the new normal, says FedEx Express Canada, with continued growth of online shopping throughout the FedEx network. And that’s not at all different from shoppers here in the U.S. As we reported in our last blog, the National Retail Federation (NRF) says that online sales approached $120 billion this past holiday season, and that Black Friday could become the top online shopping day in 2017.

Gift cards are viewed as a gift of choice by givers because they provide the gift of choice to the recipient. All these choices make gift cards the gift that keeps on shipping. Shoppers – both north and south of the Canadian border — are continuing to click, shop, ship, return and repeat even after the holidays. And that means more packages passing through your shipping department.

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