Why Your Company Needs Daily Small Parcel Audits

Why Your Company Needs Daily Small Parcel Audits

Does my company really need its UPS / FedEx invoices audited? How often should we get a small parcel invoice audit?

These questions are among the top queries Intelligent Audit receives on a daily basis and the answers are simple. You do need a small parcel invoice audit and it’s best to run the invoice reports daily. Let us answer your next question for you as well, “Why?”

It’s important to run a daily small parcel audit for numerous reasons:

  • UPS, FedEx, DHL and other major carriers often make mistakes. If your company is a high-volume shipper, there will be overcharges on your invoices that can seriously impact your bottom line.
  • Carriers may be charging you for what you didn’t get. Don’t pay for an air cargo shipment when you received two-day ground service.
  • Packages often get delivered late. There are clauses in most carrier contracts that state your packages will be delivered by a certain time and if they aren’t you should get money refunded to you.

A daily small parcel audit will prevent you from paying more than what you owe, by spotting carrier errors, overcharges and late deliveries. The Intelligent Audit small parcel audit software is the premier means for running your daily audits. We are so sure of it that you won’t pay until you save! Contact us today for your risk-free test-run.

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