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In addition to driving spend reduction for shippers, Intelligent Audit’s 3PL solution streamlines billing and frees up working capital.​

Streamlining The Entire Billing Process

Carrier Invoice Audit

Client Invoice Re-Rating

GL Coding

Generate Client Invoice

Carrier Payment

Carrier Invoices

Intelligent Audit will coalesce your shipping data with the carrier invoices to:
  • In-depth audit is conducted to identify potential billing issues
  • This includes specific customer-level business rules
  • If issues are identified, IA works directly with carriers to resolve the dispute
  • If no issues are found, IA applies business rules to shipments and re-rates them
  • Invoices are aged based on carrier terms

Customer Invoices

Generate client invoices based on a separate client tariff, markup percentage, additional transaction fees, and more

Invoices Are Produced

Based on established business rules, invoices are sent directly to the customer or to the 3PL. This includes “buy/sell” rating, management fees, transactional fees or any other pricing variation

A/R Files Sent to Finance Team

Files with sell rates and GL coding generated for upload into existing accounting system

3PL Accounts Payable

A/P files are produced by Intelligent Audit and uploaded into your accounts payable system
  • IA delivers approved payment amounts for all open and aged carrier invoices
  • Carriers can access IA’s cloud-based exceptions management portal to see invoice statuses with a detailed explanation of contested amounts before invoices are short paid
  • 3PL can elect to fund carriers directly or a single payment can be sent to IA who will manage the all carrier payments


IA will create detailed accruals for both the 3PL and the end customer on a weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual basis

  • Define accruals based on their shipped status
  • Accrual files are sent reflecting how much is the 3PL is exposed to
  • Secondary accrual files are sent reflecting how much each customer owes – this can be produced using “sell” rates
Industry Leader

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Intelligent Audit is the backbone billing system for some of the largest global 3PLs.

IA’s technology streamlines inefficient billing and audit processes, increases spend visibility, expedites customer invoicing, and frees up working capital.

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