Secure Carrier Payments

Reduce operational burdens and improve payment accuracy

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Cloud-enabled Payment Platform

Choose a payment solution that considers both ends of your logistics network. Carriers and shippers both benefit from Intelligent Audit’s freight payment platform.


Automatic recovery without human


Accurate reporting of service issues


Reduces billing discrepancies

benefiting both

Shippers and Carriers


Invoice payment history
Up-to-date cost accruals
Days to payable & invoice aging
Outstanding invoices
Expected payment timelines
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User-friendly dashboard  
Real-time invoice statuses
Information transparency
QuickPay options
Easy integration
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Control + Clarity

Internally-managed, manual freight payment systems are sluggish and burdensome. Intelligent Audit provides your team with faster solutions and better insights. Providing cost reduction with a comprehensive and systematic three-way contractual audit of more than 150+ data points across all modes globally down to the penny.


Freight Payments

Intelligent Audit automates freight payments, ensuring that carriers are paid on time, correctly, and according to the net terms of the existing carrier contract. Build stronger carrier relationships with consistent and timely invoice payments.

Intelligent Audit gives you effective tools to ensure greater financial control.

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Shipper of Choice

When carriers feel confident about fast and consistent pay, they are more likely to appreciate you as a logistics partner. Companies benefit from streamlined billing and faster cash flow, resulting in stronger relationships with their carriers. Improve how your carriers can run their business by offering real-time data and accurate tracking. Four of every five carriers prefer to be paid by TriumphPay due to exceptional user experiences.

Carrier QuickPay
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Carrier QuickPay

QuickPay provides an instant way for carriers to get paid, slashing the normal red tape of institution transfers. Intelligent Audit uses TriumphPay, a subsidiary of Triumph Bancorp, Inc (Nasdaq: TBK) to provide safety, security and convenience in your payment model.

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Highest Security Standards

This industry is rife with examples of malicious payment fraud, where executive teams at freight payment companies knowingly planned and executed fraud on a large scale. Pay You have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the assets of your company. Intelligent Audit and its partners are equally committed to maintaining the highest security standards to ensure clients’ data and other confidential information is always protected from potential misuse.

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Secure Carrier Payments

Intelligent Audit makes it easier for your team to manage freight payments. Our team leverages in-depth knowledge of logistics, uncovering opportunities that have gone unnoticed within your company. Our solutions for soft-dollar savings take the form of systematic changes to impact your bottom line in several ways.

Increase Transparency

Improve data transparency by offering your carriers access to real-time and historical data through our collaboration portal. We identify the root cause of invoicing issues and encourage carriers to fix the issues on the front end. We also collaborate with them to agree on the correct invoice amount before the payment is processed—avoiding balance due situations or short pays.

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Improve Working Capital

Intelligent Audit works diligently to ensure a payment solution is optimal for both shippers and carriers. Once invoices are verified as correct, carriers receive the amount due from TrumphPay within seven days; shippers do not pay TriumphPay until the contracted payment date. It’s win-win, as both parties gain the working capital needed to grow the business.

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Speed Up the Payment Process

Intelligent Audit approves an invoice for payment and the invoice then flows to TriumphPay. The client initiates an ACH transfer to TrumphPay, which then pays the carrier by ACH, wire, or check within days rather than months.

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Initiate Advanced Payment

The shipper approves the invoice for payment and TriumphPay pays the carrier, less a discount. On the original payment date for the shipper, the client initiates ACH. TriumphPay receives the ACH the next day.

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Provide Payment Cycle Clarity

Intelligent Audit’s transparency provides a clear overview of  how quickly freight bills are received, processed, and funded, and how soon payments get passed to the carriers.

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Reduce Administrative Burden

Reduce your administrative burden, replacing menial tasks with automated analytics. In addition to automated processing, our management team helps clean up aging A/R, reduce the noise around past due invoices, and manages carriers to ensure 99%+ invoices are paid on time.

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Elevate Carrier Communication

Using the collaboration portal, carriers can monitor invoice statuses, get remittance advice for their payments, and fully understand when they will get paid.

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Enhance Network Relationships

Build stronger networks and improve service with fast, secure, and robust payment solutions. Our collaboration portal provides carriers with direct access to chat with us, creating a unique audit trail to share information.

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