Why IA?

Founded in 1996, Intelligent Audit is the global leader in multi-modal transportation invoice audit, business intelligence, and secure carrier payment


Intelligent Audit

We are a technology company continually investing in our people, processes, and technology to transform shippers’ transportation data into actionable intelligence and prescriptive analytics—the keys to helping them become smarter shippers.

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Technology-First Approach

The audit alone is great, but it’s what we do with the cleansed, normalized data that makes all the difference. Working with data you can trust, backed by AI and machine learning, enables greater visibility and:

Better Performance

Reduce costs, increase delivery speed, and reduce carbon footprint.

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Better Manage Spend

Better manage spend for freight and overall supply chain costs.

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Improve Customer Experience

Reduce inbound complaints and improve customer satisfaction scores.

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Detect + Resolve Anomalous Events

Catch out-of-the-norm occurrences before any person or other system can.

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Smarter Decision Makers

When shippers don’t have the right data or don’t know what it means, they can’t make smart business decisions. Intelligent Audit normalizes, audits, and transforms their data into actionable intelligence, making them smarter decision-makers able to deliver shipments faster, cheaper, and with fewer exceptions.

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The Impossible Possible

Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning detect true anomalous shipment behaviors as new patterns of exceptions. It would be impossible for any person or teams of people to detect these manually, and any basic algorithms using standard deviations would generate too many false positives.


Uncertain Times

Even by conservative estimates, volatility, complexity, and ambiguity will continue to plague the supply chain. Intelligent Audit delivers unmatched Freight Audit, Recovery, and Business Intelligence so shippers can outperform the market in uncertain times.

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