Core Values

At Intelligent Audit, we are rooted in our core values

building A culture that

People Want to Be a Part of

At Intelligent Audit, we’re a team of go-getters that take what we do very seriously. But we also like to have fun! Our values are ingrained in every decision we make, and our people - both internally and the customers we serve - come first.



We’re obsessed with people – our people, your people…all people! We build strong bonds within our team and with our customers and partners where we listen, learn, and grow together.

We encourage teamwork, collaboration, professional development, and fun – no drama.

We value authentic, approachable, and humbly confident team members.



We are solution-focused – always attacking the problem head on, not the person.

When it comes to strategic decision-making, we take an intuitive and analytical approach to solving complex business problems.

We are quick to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. We’re both responsible and response-able.

We take ownership and get stuff done.

problem solving
always be


We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and simplify the complex.

We always explore the “how” and like to challenge the status quo.



Failure is a necessary part of the learning process, and we believe it is essential to personal and organizational growth.

We fail fast and learn fast. And we’re always better for it.

embrace failure
work-life balance
Work hard

Play Hard

We support both professional and personal enjoyment of life.

We work to live, not live to work.