5 Key Takeaways From MODEX 2022

"More supply chain solutions. More equipment and technology. More of the smartest thinking." MODEX 2022's tagline presented a tall order for the conference to fill, but this event was up for the challenge. Ten years after its pilot gathering, MODEX is a mainstay among trade shows, covering solutions across all aspects of the supply chain. MHI shared that from March 28-31, "Over 37,047 visitors connected with over 857 exhibitors across 405,000 square feet of exhibit space at Atlanta's Georgia World Congress Center," noting the attendee number as record-breaking at "20% more visitors than the last pre-pandemic show." While there was much to glean from the four keynote speakers and over 100 education sessions, here are five takeaways for those who could not attend.

1. Shippers Need to Do What's Best for Each Shipment, Based on Varying Conditions

Multiple speakers and solutions providers spoke on the massive influx of e-commerce growth. KPI addressed this by sponsoring an on-floor seminar titled, "Is Micro-fulfillment right for me?" on March 29. Sessions such as this became a wealth of information to those considering or actively utilizing e-commerce and micro-fulfillment. Meanwhile, other professionals learned about the techniques that disrupted their operations. Regardless, it's become clear that shippers can't address their needs with a "one size fits all" method but must consider the conditions for each shipment.

2. Shippers Need to Aggregate Their Data Sources Into a Single Source of Truth

A second common thread throughout MODEX 2022 was the necessity to collect data from all sources into a single reference point. Blue Horseshoe dealt with this concept in their Monday on-floor seminar titled, "Driving Warehouse Efficiency with Connected Data." Aggregated data is especially crucial for shipping companies that utilize all forms of transportation, such as parcels, requiring different freight payment types. A single source of truth not only provides shippers with all their data at their fingertips at any time, but a quality data collection software can organize it for better usage.

3. Shippers Must Know How That Insights Fit Into the Bigger Picture

Although gathering data is the first step for those who currently rely on manual processing, MODEX 2022 also highlighted the significance of understanding data insights in the big picture. During one of the eight educational programs that kicked off the conference on Monday, Longbow Advantage presented "Real-time Warehouse Visibility: How Actionable Data Makes the Best Teams." As faster, better, and bigger store order processing becomes a core requirement by the new type of consumer, shippers must know how to evolve with this need. The first step is to properly understand the business process by mandating data analyses that provide data-driven strategies.

4. More Complexity Puts Added Pressure on Shippers for Tech-Rich Execution and Ongoing Analysis

Many supply chain companies had just found their footing and glimmers of hope at the beginning of 2022 when the repercussions of the Russia-Ukraine war added new complexities to business. MODEX 2022 Keynote Speaker Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke on "Preparing For the Next Pandemic: Insights Into Future Health-Related Disruptions." This session came at an opportune time as companies across the industry look for ways to utilize a tech stack with analytics capabilities that promise better resiliency for continued disruptions.

5. Shippers Must Then Apply Such Insight to Collaborate and Reduce Expenses

Among the 37,047 MODEX 2022 attendees, many walked through the doors with the sole goal of shaking hands and making names for themselves. On Monday evening, MHI invited young professionals in the material handling and supply chain industry to a networking event where they could do just that. Many speakers touched on the value of networking in today's industry, especially related to diversifying carriers and connections. With decreased capacity and increased creativity for solutions such as crowdsourcing, shippers must utilize data to build relationships with carriers and brokers to ensure they are getting the best service at the lowest cost.

Stay Future Ready With a Diverse Strategy and World-Class Shipping Technology

As MODEX 2022 wrapped itself up with an incredible comedy performance by Preacher Lawson, the issues that plague shipping companies across the globe are far from laughable. The conference provided excellent ideas, but they are only effective when implemented. Intelligent Audit has been helping its customers accomplish smarter, more efficient shipping for over twenty years. With a proven track record and attuned knowledge of modern technology and strategy, Intelligent Audit will not only apply what you learned at MODEX 2022 but also take it to the next level. Request a consultation with Intelligent Audit to get started today.

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