Facing an Ongoing Labor Shortage, Shippers Turn to Freight Audit Software

The transportation industry faces troubling labor shortages on a number of fronts. Currently, the nation is short 80,000 drivers, which contributes to a significant problem. The problem could worsen, as the ATA estimates a national shortage of 160,000 drivers by 2030. This estimate is based on current trends and factors like retirement, drivers leaving because they want to or are forced to, and freight growth.

 Drivers are not the only ones contributing to a labor shortage in transportation, as there is also a warehouse worker shortage that has been exacerbating issues at logistics hubs. The 2022 State of Retail & eCommerce Fulfillment Report surveyed executives, and 57 percent said labor shortages have gotten in the way of them being able to meet demand.

Facing dramatic labor shortages at logistics hubs and on the roads, logistics professionals are increasingly tasked with operating in fast-paced, high-stress environments. These conditions inevitably result in more exceptions. To better manage increasing exceptions, shihttps://freightclaims.com/our-software/ppers are turning to tech-enabled freight audit software to ensure that their deliveries are being made on time and in full, every time.

What Is Freight Audit Software?

Freight claims software is designed to help companies process, track, and manage freight claims from start to finish, from initial filing to final settlement. It automates and streamlines the freight claims process for companies, helping them to minimize costs and improve efficiency. This type of software typically includes a range of useful features, such as:

  • Claim status tracking
  • Automatic notification of claimants
  • Automated dispute resolution
  • Reporting and analytics

Freight audit software helps companies manage freight relationships in a complex industry, including allowing better communication and collaboration between shippers, 3PLs, vendors, and customers. It improves the process for shippers to access and share data and analytics and creates more visibility into the supply chain.

How Does Freight Audit Software Help Shippers Navigate Ongoing Labor Shortages?

Freight auditing software may seem simple, yet it offers many benefits that can help shippers handle challenging situations like a labor shortage. Even during normal times, as many as 80 percent of carrier invoices include discrepancies, which is why freight bill auditing is so important. During difficult situations like labor shortages, freight audits are even more beneficial for catching exceptions that are more likely.

Fully Customizable Freight Auditing Processes to Fit Every Supply Chain

As shippers struggle to adapt to the delays and exceptions of a worsening transportation industry labor shortage, they’re increasingly looking for reliable freight auditing solutions. However, every supply chain is unique. Therefore, cookie-cutter freight claims processes fail to reflect the complexity of unique industries.

By partnering with a provider of fully customizable freight audit software, shippers can completely customize their freight bill auditing processes to reflect the intricacies of their operations. Customizable auditing software can help build connections between departments while reflecting the full complexity of their operations.

Machine Learning Freight Auditing Harnesses the Power of Automation to Catch Mistakes

Freight auditing software can use the power of machine learning to catch anomalies faster. This can be automated, so the software goes through data, looks at patterns, and finds anomalies in real-time. It is able to catch problems much faster and better than shippers normally would.

With machine learning, shippers can rest easy knowing that they have 24/7 coverage of their freight claims processes. The real-time visibility shippers gain can help them stay on top of everything and better solve problems like exceptions due to labor shortages.

Intelligent Freight Bill Auditing Gives Shippers the Analytics Advantage

With intelligent freight bill auditing, shippers gain access to a broad variety of data points, enabling them to see precisely where labor shortages are causing issues within their supply chain, and revealing valuable optimization opportunities.

Data points include:

  • Dimensional rates
  • Residential surcharges
  • Duplicate billing
  • Lost packages
  • Damaged packages

Shippers can analyze the data they collect through freight audit software to gain insights into shipping optimization strategies. The data can help shippers develop a stronger network and inform business processes. In this case, they can find ways to adapt to a labor shortage and manage exceptions that are occurring at higher rates.

Short on Labor, Smart Shippers Choose Intelligent Audit for Freight Audit Software

Facing labor shortages throughout the transportation industry, shippers are preparing their freight bill auditing processes to handle more exceptions, more efficiently.

With Intelligent Audit, shippers can access:

  • Cloud-based freight audit and recovery software
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Expert advice from a team of experienced logistics professionals

Start a conversation today with Intelligent Audit and see how 20 years of logistics experience can revolutionize your freight auditing processes.

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