Inbound Logistics Recognizes Intelligent Audit as Top IT Logistics Provider for 5th Consecutive Year

Awards and recognition serve as much more than singular notes of accomplishment. They demonstrate which companies have made great strides in efficiency and service offerings over the years. The Top 100 Logistics IT Providers is an annual listing of such companies, and the editors at Inbound Logistics have included Intelligent Audit among its honorees for 2022. As higher parcel carrier fuel surcharges become the norm in the transportation world, finding companies with a proven record of success is essential for shippers. This is the fifth consecutive year the publication has honored Intelligent Audit on this list, and shippers need to know a few things about this prestigious designation and how it impacts its Intelligent Audit and its customers.

What Is the Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Providers Awards?

The awards are based on submitted questionnaires and independent reviews of software providers that enable today's supply chain. The providers chosen by Inbound Logistics editors have shown their abilities to solve complex transportation, logistics, and supply chain challenges. Further, the Inbound Logistics editors also assess customer success stories and complete an exhaustive review of IT providers of all sizes. The completelist is released annually in April.

Why Intelligent Audit Won for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Intelligent Audit has experienced a year of transformation. Hannah Testani was named CEO of Intelligent Audit in 2021, as well as receiving its WBENC-Certification further differentiating itself from the pack., The value proposition of Intelligent Audit has stood through the continued disruptions in logistics by offering a technology-first solution. Remember that Intelligent audit was the first company to automate the full freight bill audit and payment process and continues to be the technology leader today by offering its 2,900+ customers with actionable, real-time data enabling strategic decision making to reduce costs and improve customer experience. . Further, Intelligent Audit continues that mission by using advancing algorithms and machine learning-based anomaly detection to gain deeper insights into transportation spend.

Using self-supervised learning tools, Intelligent Audit can leverage known KPIs and more abstract views of data to identify possible anomalies in real time. This approach combines with a full shipment lifecycle view to identify the cause of such issues and recommend the best solution. The possible anomalies range from errors in shipping invoice codes to changes in the delivery timelines. Regardless, finding and acting on such issues has been integral to managing freight spend in the age of disruption.

As Hannah Testani mentioned in a recent webinar, "There is no longer an 'easy' button for shippers. Everyone has technology, and everyone is looking for the best deal. Shippers want and need a strategic partner that can make their lives easier. That's a marked advantage in the supply chain as disruptions continue and abate as the market settles."

Inbound Logistics recognizes how Intelligent Audit serves this with its encompassing approach to eliminating poor freight visibility and maximizing insight into shipping data. It's a one-stop solution for understanding what's happened, will happen, and needs to happen to achieve the best result.

The Big Picture: Intelligent Audit Will Continue to Help Shippers Thrive Through Future Markets

The future of the transportation market, while appearing to regain some stability, is still very much at risk in 2022. Shippers must not grow complacent, nor can they afford to wait until problems lead to massive hikes in spending. Finding, understanding, and overcoming those risks is crucial to the future of each shipper. And Intelligent Audit can help make that a reality with a world-class resource that offers actionable insight. That's the real value, and that value has enabled Intelligent Audit to secure Inbound Logistics recognition for yet another year. Speak with a transportation data and logistics optimization expert at Intelligent Audit to get started.

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