Teamsters Pull Back Strike Threat at Yellow Corp, Automation Gains Ground, and FedEx Appoints New CFO

With the Teamsters Union withdrawing its strike threat at Yellow Corp, averting a potential liquidation of the company, the logistics and supply chain industry faces a slightly relaxed disruption. In the midst of these events, companies like General Mills and Amazon are turning to automation and electric vehicles to optimize their operations. Meanwhile, FedEx makes a key appointment to bolster its executive team. Intelligent Audit, a freight audit service provider, has you covered this week with the top stories from an industry in flux.

Teamsters Union Withdraws Strike Threat at Yellow Corp

The threat of a strike at financially struggling Yellow Corp has been withdrawn by the Teamsters Union, averting a potential liquidation of the company, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The withdrawal came after a pension fund agreed to continue extending health benefits to unionized workers and allowed Yellow an additional 30 days to make a missed payment. The agreement was reached late on Sunday after discussions with the Central States Health and Welfare Fund.

Financial Woes at Yellow Corp.: A Potential Blow to Real-Time Supply Chains 

Yellow Corp. (NASDAQ: YELL), the transportation service provider, is in distress after failing to make its required pension contributions for June and planning to withhold payments for July, according to FreightWaves. The company's financial troubles could have significant implications for real-time supply chains, especially if the Teamsters union goes through with its threatened strike. 

Shippers should prepare for potential disruptions in their supply chains due to Yellow Corp's financial troubles and consider diversifying their carrier options.

Flight Grounded: UPS Pilots Stand in Solidarity with Possible Teamsters Strike 

The looming Teamsters strike might lead to the shutdown of UPS's global air operations. The union representing UPS pilots has announced that they won't cross picket lines if a strike commences when the current contract expires on Aug. 1. 

With the possibility of a UPS strike, shippers may need to explore alternate delivery services to ensure continuity in their operations.

Embracing the Future: General Mills Bolsters Operations with Warehouse Automation 

In a move to optimize its warehouse and logistics network, General Mills is increasing its reliance on automation. The company has so far installed warehouse automation features in four locations and has plans for several other projects, according to SupplyChainDive.

The move by General Mills towards warehouse automation highlights the importance of integrating technology in supply chain operations for efficiency and reliability.

Electrifying Progress: Amazon Hits 150M Deliveries with Rivian EVs  

Amazon's custom electric vans have delivered over 150 million packages across more than 800 U.S. cities since last summer. This development comes as part of Amazon's push towards reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainable operations.

Shippers should consider environmentally friendly delivery options as they can enhance brand reputation and contribute to sustainability goals.

Leadership Shuffle: FedEx Welcomes New CFO from Atlas Air 

FedEx has named former Atlas Air Worldwide CEO, John Dietrich, as its new CFO and EVP effective Aug. 1. This move could potentially steer the company towards strategic growth and improved operational efficiency, leveraging Dietrich's vast experience in the aviation and air cargo industries.

The change in FedEx's leadership could potentially affect their strategic decisions and services, which shippers need to monitor closely.

A Plea for Non-Interference: Teamsters President Calls on White House to Steer Clear of UPS Strike

Teamsters president Sean O'Brien has requested the White House to not interfere in the potential UPS strike, as written in SupplyChainBrain. In the meantime, UPS is preparing to ensure operations continue by training non-union employees in the U.S. to step in if a strike takes place.

The potential UPS strike underscores the importance of understanding labor relations within carriers and their potential impact on shipping operations.

Strike Notice Served: Teamsters Union Raises the Stakes at Yellow Corp 

As Yellow Corp. defers required contributions to funds managed by Central States Funds, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has issued a strike notice. This move could lead to a work stoppage as soon as Monday, adding to the challenges Yellow Corp. is facing.

In light of the potential strike at Yellow Corp., shippers should have contingency plans in place to ensure uninterrupted service.

Boosting Efficiency: OSM Worldwide Enhances Shipping Capabilities with New Sorting Systems 

OSM Worldwide, a parcel delivery provider, has significantly upgraded its shipping capabilities to U.S. Postal Service facilities. This includes the purchase of sortation systems for its regional hubs in Dallas and York, Pennsylvania.

Shippers should consider carriers like OSM Worldwide that invest in technology to improve their shipping capabilities, as this can provide more efficient and reliable services.

A Step Towards Sustainability: Amazon Registers First Decrease in Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

In a sustainability report released July 18, the organization said that its carbon emissions fell by 0.4% from 71.54 million metric tons in 2021 to 71.27 million metric tons in 2022, according to The Seattle Times. Between 2019 and 2021, Amazon’s carbon emissions grew by more than 20 million metric tons.

Amazon's progress in reducing emissions highlights the importance for shippers to consider their own environmental impact and explore ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Autonomy Amplified: Cartken's Robots Score Big with Full Level 4 Autonomy on Sidewalks

Cartken has achieved profitable robot deliveries thanks to its Edge-AI system allowing for full Level 4 autonomy on sidewalks. This technological advancement reduces reliance on remote human operators, cutting associated costs.

The advancement in Cartken's delivery robots demonstrates how automation can significantly improve delivery efficiency and reduce costs, which shippers should consider when choosing delivery methods.

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