Widely-Used 'Deliveries' Tracking App no Longer Tracks FedEx

Keeping up with the latest news in the transportation services market means following industry leaders and keeping up with current events and updates to the industry. UPS will announce its first-quarter 2022 results on April 26, 2022. Interested persons can access the call via the webcast link on the UPS website. While the exact details are not known, there has been a lot to discuss with the shipping giant and the freight market in general. Some freight data and shipping news headlines worth knowing include the following.

Widely-Used 'Deliveries' Tracking App no Longer Tracks FedEx

Technology is king in the modern shipping market, so when apps and tools fail, it can send entire branches of the global supply chain into a tailspin. This is happening in some areas as the package tracking app, Deliveries, can no longer maintain the same service and can no longer accurately track FedEx packages. Usually, the app updates customers with real-time alerts about delays, disruptions, and updated ETAs for their packages. Instead of providing these critical notifications, it prompts customers to access the FedEx website to get notifications about their packages. There is no update on when or if this service disruption will be rectified.

FedEx Ranks in 2022 Update to Fortune Magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For Report

FedEx Corp announced in early April that it was selected among the '100 Best Companies to Work For' by Great Place to Work® and Fortune Magazine. This is a great accolade, but this milestone marks the 15th year FedEx ranked among these outstanding places for freight market employment. In the survey used to compile the company's list, 78% of current employees said FedEx is a stellar workplace, more than 21% higher than the average US company ranks. Need to know freight audit data like this helps shoppers and carriers keep up with vital market trends.

Automated Transportation Vehicles Projected to Reach 1.2 Million in the Next Decade

Automation has been playing a growing role in the shipping and transportation market. According to current market analysis, the numbers will top 1 million by 2032. As highlighted in an April 2022 article from FreightWaves, "The American Trucking Associations predicts a shortage of as many as 200,000 drivers for long-haul jobs in the next decade. Nearly 35% of tractor trucks are expected to be automated trucks in North America by 2032." The shipping market islands ready for tremendous growth in the coming decade, and automation will play a vital role.

Shanghai Port Problems Bring Supply Chains to a Standstill

The resurge of COVID-19 across China is again throwing the apply chain network into turmoil as disruptions create massive ripple effects throughout the industry. As shown in a report from Supply Chain Drive, the country struggles as delays occur far and wide throughout the supply chain, both at the beginning and the end of the shipping process. The transportation services market, and the supply chain as a whole, depends on trucking services for the first mile and last-mile transport, and port delays significantly impact this, shut down, backlogs, and ongoing disruptions.

Fire Erupts and Destroys UPS Customer Center in Lancaster

A fire damaged buildings and several delivery trucks at a UPS Customer Center in Lancaster, which serves the bulk of Antelope Valley in California. The fire burned in the 200 block of West Avenue L. and sent plumes of thick back smoke into the sky, which could be seen for miles. UPS said its management is cooperating with authorities to uncover the cause of the blaze. It was not immediately clear what impact this would have on the local shipping market. However, UPS representatives say they have been in touch with local customers about potential local and international shipping delays.

CDC Extends Federal Mask Mandate for Transportation into May

The new mandates affect transportation via trains, planes, and airports. It is one of the few federal COVID-19 measures still in effect as reopenings reduce mandates everywhere. The transportation mandate extends to May 3, according to a report by USNews. This comes in stark contrast to another ruling where a judge struck down COVID- based public transportation mask mandates. It put customers and transportation service providers alike in a situation where things are uncertain about what will happen now and how transportation services markets and supply chain management will respond.

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