Advisory Services

Intelligent Audit offers more than a standard consulting service – our account managers serve as true strategic partner to anticipate and monitor changes that might impact your organization.

Being proactive, and helping to meet current and future needs of clients is a core competency of Intelligent Audit.

Our team of experienced data analysts will leverage their in-depth knowledge of freight, transportation, and logistics to help your company find opportunities for cost reduction, process improvement, and resource optimization. By helping clients respond to a rapidly changing business environment and make fast, strategic decisions, they become more flexible and competitive.

Intelligent Audit does more than advise clients of potential strategic opportunities, we help you see your project through from conception to execution. For example, if your company is considering an additional warehouse in a new region, our team will use applied data analytics to show how different locations could affect costs – and your bottom line. We can help to outline the strategy to make your proposal attractive to various stakeholders, and partner with your team all the way through the design, construction, and implementation process. Intelligent Audit provides far more than advice; we offer the strategic support that our partners need to see a project through, from start to finish.

In this environment, every employee regardless of company or industry is being asked to do more with less. Organizations are becoming leaner, and more efficient, working hard to remain competitive while meeting the service needs of customers. By outsourcing the business intelligence and data analytics functions to IA, our team of experts will look for strategic opportunities on your behalf to increase your cost savings and your customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Audit prides itself on continually seeking new solutions to our client’s current and future needs. Rather than focusing on what our competitors offer, we prefer to focus on what our customers need, now and in the future. Our commitment to innovation is just one of the things that sets Intelligent Audit apart. Our proprietary software developed in-house, allows automated audit functions and frees our employees to complete a higher level, strategic analysis on behalf of our customers. Our fully-redundant network allows our clients 24/7/365 access to their data and reports, and our team of account managers is responsive and available to clients at a moment’s notice.

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