Business Intelligence + Analytics

Smarter decision-making with data-driven Insights

Make informed decisions

With Data-Backed Guidance

Intelligent Audit provides secure, cloud-based, industry-agnostic solutions to cover logistics companies worldwide. Partnering with your company to achieve continuous improvement so that you can turn messy data into meaningful analytics to:

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Cut costs and allocate resources strategically


Improve transparency and processes

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Optimize your transportation network

analyze data
untangle your data to

Discover New Opportunities

Manual data entry and organization takes valuable time and resources. Untangle your complex web of data with an automated solution that gathers information and consolidates it into important insights.

Discover new opportunities for process improvements, resource allocations, and strategic business objectives. IA’s innovative technology and automation allow account managers to act as strategic business partners and spend more time seeking out new cost saving initiatives. Use AI to improve costs, streamline processes, decrease time in transit and better your end customer experience.

gain the edge with

Unmatched Business Intelligence + Data Cleansing

Make big data meaningful with key insights and organization. Use business intelligence (BI) to detect anomalies and optimize spending.

analyze costs
analyze costs to

Save Money

Are you spending what you should be and are your dollars spent in the right places? Are there ways to be more efficient and save money with actionable insights? The quicker we can get that information to our customers the faster they can action it and see the results from those actions. Input your forecasts and then measure actual spend vs. expected costs to identify and adjust for variances ahead of the fiscal year close.

While analyzing GL codes provides critical cost and revenue information regarding transactional data behind each shipment, SKU level analyses reveal how factors such as velocity, inventory turn times, storage capacity and seasonality impact your business.

optimize your

Logistics Network & Transportation Spend

Use automated auditing and machine learning to improve your bottom line. IA’s team provides data-based guidance to create efficiencies in your transportation network by actioning the intelligence found within your shipping data.

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See it in Action

A high-end fashion retailer finds 50 million reasons to believe in the power of data insights.


Decades of Industry Experience

Evaluate  Current Spend

Discover greater cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

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Hold Carriers Accountable

View Carrier Scorecards to track performance like on-time delivery or freight invoice quality issues for each carrier in the IA portal.

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Discover Actionable Data

Don’t let valuable data go to
waste—use it to empower
actionable business decisions.

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Select Ideal Carrier and Mode

Decrease costs and increase
efficiency with the right carrier
for the right job

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Plan Effectively

Analyze past, current, and
projected outcomes for future

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Manage Real-Time Transportation Costs

Quickly adapt to unexpected
changes as they are happening.

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