Business Intelligence & Analytics

Better data makes for better decisions, and the more informed a decision-maker, the easier it is for them to align specific decisions with strategic objectives.

The goal of business intelligence is to take large volumes of data and interpret it in a meaningful way, translating data into new opportunities and effective business strategies.

Intelligent Audit captures and consolidates business data, then coordinates and synchronizes it to provide clients with actionable intelligence reporting. Using cloud-based business intelligence and analytics tools, Intelligent Audit empowers clients to untangle the complex web of data surrounding total transportation spend to make the best decisions for their organizations.

With Intelligent Audit’s proprietary software system, companies can monitor key performance indicators affecting logistics across all different modes, channels, providers, and charges. With access to advanced, best-in-class data analytics, your organization can use relevant data to improve processes, increase transparency, and achieve strategic objectives.

Even more, using Intelligent Audit’s business intelligence and analytics services, organizations can discover new opportunities for process improvements, resource allocations, and strategic business objectives. Intelligent Audit’s commitment to technology and automation allows account managers to act as strategic business partners, providing access to new business opportunities for clients to improve cost, process, resource allocation, and more.

Data analytics, as applied to logistics and transportation, can help your company:

  • Optimize your network
  • Hold carriers accountable for performance issues and accurate billing
  • Manage transportation cost in real time
  • Optimize mode and carrier selection
  • Effectively plan service-level options to minimize shipping costs

Additionally, Intelligent Audit’s business intelligence and analytics service uses a coordinated and consolidated total data set to create over 700 reports, from executive-level overviews to granular, SKU-specific shipping costs. Because a company can pull all information from a single pool of data, stakeholders across the entire organization can begin to not only access the information that is most important to them but also to relate their priorities to those of other departments. When different departments use the same data, they can begin to speak the same language and look to improved communication to optimize strategic opportunities throughout the organization.

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