Carrier Contract Optimization

Companies are often surprised to learn how much money is left on the table when negotiating a new contract with a carrier.​

Stop Excessive Margin Collections

Carriers inflate margins on a per-company basis, and without extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the shipping industry, your organization may be allowing the carrier to collect excessive margins on each shipment.

Knowledge & Deep Industry Experience

Intelligent Audit can provide you with the knowledge and industry experience to ensure that your company receives best-in-class service at the lowest possible price for all your shipping needs. By optimizing your entire supply chain, we provide a holistic view that offers suggestions to improve overall transit time, lowered costs, and improved customer satisfaction. On average, our clients can save 12-18% of total shipping costs after a carrier contract negotiation managed by our team.

Freight Audit Clients

Significant Savings

1 %
Average Total Shipping Cost Savings

On average, our clients can save 12-18% of total shipping costs after a carrier contract negotiation managed by our team.

IA's Carrier Contract Optimization

When your carrier contract is up for renewal or a new agreement is required, IA’s carrier contract negotiation will provide you with


Perform an analytical assessment of your historical shipping data from the carrier’s perspective, providing your company with insights as to how carriers view your business.

KPI Validation

Validate your key performance indicators (KPIs) and leverage our in-depth knowledge of the freight and transportation industry to determine the margin held by the carrier on your business, so you know how much room to maneuver is available in negotiating a new contract.

Cost Analysis

Analyze and identify shipper’s existing costs and margins by service, weight, zone, and accessorial charges, and areas with inflated margins are explicitly targeted to improve contract specifications on our client’s behalf.


Benchmark drivers of customer cost and margins against similar businesses in the industry and use that information to develop carrier-specific RFPs, coach our clients through carrier Q&A, and help to examine initial and final proposals to determine the exact financial impact of revised carrier specifications.

Not just contract advisement

Should our clients determine that a change in carrier selection is warranted, our team will assist in the selection of a new carrier, execution of a new contract, through the implementation of a new carrier and validation of new contract accuracy.

Solutions to Help You Think and Ship Smarter

Learn more about how IA’s proprietary, cloud-based solution can improve and optimize your business processes.

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