Finance + Accounting Tools

Improve accrual and coding accuracy. See real-time, accurate cost breakdowns.


Logistics Accounting Tools

Discover a faster, more accurate way to track expenses and pay your carriers. With Intelligent Audit’s logistics accounting tools, you can automate auditing, carrier payments, and more. Increase cash flow turnaround times and build stronger connections to your carriers with a finance tool designed for 3PLs. Our industry-leading software streamlines your accounting process.


Catch discrepancies on invoices

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Pay invoices according to carrier terms

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Analyze trends and data for carrier scorecards

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Assess forecasted costs and projected margins

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Find ways to diversify your carrier network

key performance indicators

Validate your key performance indicators

gain greater insights

With Less Work

Eliminate surprises from your transportation spending and bring more transparency to your record-keeping with IA’s proprietary finance and accounting tools. Automated monitoring clarifies budgeted-vs-landed costs for your monthly, quarterly, or annual financial reports.

These powerful logistics accounting tools help your finance team keep accurate records and organized books. You can trust IA’s account reconciliation to help optimize your spend activities moving forward. Real-time alerts will keep your team informed about discrepancies and corrective recommendations.

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Tailored Data Sets

With Intelligent Audit, you can internally assign cost centers and G/L coding to keep your actual spend in line with your estimations, track a wide range of KPIs for more meaningful data, and flag issues early for better clarity across your organization.

Based on your needs, pick from Executive (overview), Granular Spend (detailed) and Sku-level (end-to-end) views to better understand your supply chain costs.

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Payment Optimization Tools

Better Management

Empower your carriers with better business management tools

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Day-to-close Specifics

Improve your payment cycles with a system designed for day-to-close specifics.

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On-time Payments

Ensure invoices are paid on time according to contract terms with a reliable bank-backed payment solution.

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Quickpay for Carriers

Optimize the payment cycle to ensure a stronger negotiating point to improve your bottom line.

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Proof of  Payment Terms

Use hard-data proof of meeting payment terms to help strengthen your network for optimal carrier contracts.

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Shorter Payment Cycle

Optimize the payment cycle to ensure a stronger negotiating point to improve your bottom line.

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forecast with

Financial Agility

Plan future loads and estimate upcoming expenses using historical data and real-time market trends. IA uses machine learning to interpret your data meaningfully, offering actionable insights. See the trends, patterns, and market rates that will impact your company down the road.

Use IA forecasting to consider forecasted cost impacts and consider future distribution center planning. With our data-based guidance from IA on your side, you will have the information you need for better carrier negotiations and business planning.

For increased support and insight, IA offers advisory services. Use our experienced and knowledgeable team for tailor-fit insights, training and strategic suggestions to optimize your business.

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