Finance & Accounting Tools

Intelligent Audit’s automated audit and reporting systems provide benefits specifically to stakeholders on the finance and accounting team, helping to improve the accuracy of accruals and coding of logistics charges with real-time, accurate data.

Powerful Reporting

Intelligent Audit’s proprietary software monitors and creates accrual reporting showing budgeted-vs.-landed costs for monthly, quarterly or yearly financial reporting requirements. With these tools, finance and accounting teams have accurate record-keeping of their transportation spend, as well as seek opportunities for optimization of spend activities.

sku level analytics

IA incorporates company-specific information including internally assigned cost centers and G/L coding to help ensure that budgeted spend is in line with actual spend on several different views, from C-level oversight to the granular spend all the way down to SKU. This feature helps to ensure that any allocation issues are flagged early, opening a dialogue between departments before errors turn into issues. Anticipating potential problem areas is key to responsible financial management, ensuring the accuracy of financial management and reporting with no surprises.

Optimize Payment cycles

The Intelligent Audit system incorporates a report that specifies the average day to close invoices by carrier and service level. This report helps our clients to ensure not only that invoices are being paid on time, per the terms of the carrier contract, it also allows optimization of the payment cycle to ensure that payments are made in the optimal time frame. Additionally, the average time to pay ensures that our clients have a strong negotiating tool, with hard-data proof of meeting payment terms, when the time to negotiate a new carrier contract comes around.

Solutions to Help You Think and Ship Smarter

Learn more about how IA’s proprietary, cloud-based solution can improve and optimize your business processes.

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