Freight Payment

An internally-managed, manual freight payment system creates an operational and administrative burden within the company, requiring a significant amount of employee intervention to manage, costing your company time and resources that could be put to better use.

Up to 80% of all carrier invoices have discrepancies.

Intelligent Audit finds those discrepancies.

Reduce the operational and administrative burden of freight payment management while providing your team with:

Improved Visibility

Get greater visibility over all your shipping activities

management reporting

A full range of management reports

invoice auditing

Audit all invoices in order to find discrepancies and cut costs

payment services

Payment services independent of carrier, mode, currency, or region

increased freight costs

Streamline freight payments

Intelligent Audit will streamline freight payments on your behalf, ensuring that carriers are paid on time, correctly, and according to the net terms of the existing carrier contract. Consistent, timely payment of invoices is the foundation of an effective financial control strategy; and Intelligent Audit will ensure that these requirements are met.

Cloud-enabled reporting for both shippers and carriers



Benefits of freight payment services

Data Transparency

Improve data transparency between your company and your carrier with shared access to real-time and historical data.

Reduced Burden

Reduce your administrative burden by replacing menial tasks with auto-generated data analytics.

Optimized Spend

Effectively manage and optimize transportation spend by leveraging powerful data.

Enhanced Relationships

Enhance relationships with carrier companies and overall service levels by utilizing shared data.

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