Logistics Network Optimization

Assess and improve connections for better service and cost savings


New Ways to Grow

Your transportation network impacts your service and bottom line. Understanding the optimal modes, carriers, services, ship from locations, etc., and strategically diversifying your carrier portfolio to leverage carriers that are better suited for your company. Through technology, Intelligent Audit enables you to:

build network

Design the ideal network for your needs


Lower your transportation costs


Improve your customer experience

empowering you with

Trusted Analytics

Our data-based guidance powered with our industry experience removes the guesswork and provides simulations on a massive scale based on numbers you can trust. This, in turn, empowers you with trusted analytics as you partner with your carriers and optimize your transportation network.

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White Paper

Enriched Data Provides Plenty of Opportunities for the Most Complex Freight Shippers

Strengthen your network

Your Network

Create informed strategies to optimize your connections and build a stronger future. Discover where new connections could boost your transportation and logistics networks by examining all elements of your global transportation spend.

Examine your relationships using cleansed and normalized data, and increase your competitive edge with better insights into your unique market position. Consider how mode shift or service shift could improve your bottom line. Plus, consider hub injection and ship from store options to explore potential revenue boosters.

gain insights

Down to the Penny

Forward-looking analysis using historical data helps create dynamic, complex modeling scenarios that incorporate store capacity and inventory restrictions to leverage stores as ship-from points.

Intelligent Audit helps clients create and optimize their network. Then we suggest and help create key performance indicators to help monitor continuous improvement. Use data-backed insights to make the best-informed decisions to optimize your network growth and conduct data-based business reviews with carriers.

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The Right Prescription

Learn how CVS optimized its network using freight audit tech & analytics

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Lowest Possible Price

Optimizing your entire supply chain provides a holistic view that offers suggestions to improve overall transit time, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction. On average, our clients save 12-18% of total shipping costs with Intelligent Audit’s network optimization services and expert logistics advice.


Decades of Industry Experience

Proactively Plan

We help you identify industry trends and pricing forecasts for insightful growth.

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Grow Your Network

Our tools suggest networking strategies or carrier reviews backed by data.

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Arm Yourself with Data

We provide valuable business intelligence and analytics designed for logistics.

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Compete with Confidence

We help you gain the competitive edge with insights to better partner with carriers.

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Pay Carriers Faster

Our tools enable you to establish faster payments to carriers.

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Streamline Invoice Processing

Our system automatically auditing invoices and addressing carrier invoicing issues.

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