Loss & Damage Claims Management

Protect your margins and increase recoveries with greater efficiency


1-1.5% of a shippers’ parcels end up lost or damaged

By successfully resolving more claims, Intelligent Audit helps you recover more so you can protect your margins and improve customer satisfaction.

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File more claims and increase your success rate


Save time and manage claims cost-effectively

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Use insights to mitigate future risk of damages


No More Tedious Claims Processes

Filing and managing claims for lost or damaged parcels can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process that takes resources away from other aspects of shipping and business operations. Save time and money, increasing the successful resolution claims and gaining insight to preventing future claims. Intelligent Audit offers expert claims management to handle these time-consuming processes smoothly and efficiently.

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Claims Management

Intelligent Audit provides a comprehensive approach to loss and damage claims management in the U.S., Canada, and cross-border (U.S./Canada) parcel shipments. Get access to:

Claims Management Specialists

With Intelligent Audit's technology and team of experts, outsource your claims and free up time and resources for other tasks.

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Real-Time Visibility

Streamline claims process complexities using technology with real-time visibility for better transparency and communication between all parties.

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Reporting & Analysis

Gain a detailed understanding of the claims filed, the success rate, amount recovered, and any reasons for rejection.

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Claims Filing

If your customer service team manages claims, use Intelligent Audit to streamline the filing process. Given a weekly report of lost and damaged shipments plus supporting documents, Intelligent Audit can efficiently file claims on your behalf, reducing the workload on your team. We navigate the complexities of the claims process for you, helping you increase the number of successful recoveries.


Proactive Data Analysis

Being proactive, rather than reactive, lets you reduce loss and damage risk for future shipments and improve your customer relationships. Intelligent Audit's proactive approach to managing claims uses technology and analytics for in-depth visibility, which is crucial for managing more shipments as you scale and grow. Identify trends and potential issues and address them before they become significant.

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Loss & Damage Claims

Increase your recoveries while increasing efficiency in the process.