Real-Time Transportation Visibility

Expand your line of sight and stay in control of managing shipments.

risk mitigation

Through Proactive Problem-Solving

A lack of visibility in a shipping environment can lead to delays, lost merchandise, and increased costs due to manual efforts to track shipments. With Intelligent Audit’s transportation visibility, you can:

auto push data

Get visibility data pushed out automatically


Streamline analysis for better decisions


Plan how to respond to future challenges


Real-Time Visibility

Proactive Management

Identify potential issues quickly and take measures to avoid disruptions, being proactive instead of reactive.

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Cost and Resource Savings

Get access to more data—including tracking and exception management—without resource-demanding processes.

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Improved Customer Experience

Give your customers real-time delivery status updates and alert them to any exceptions for a smoother experience.

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Real-Time Visibility

Mitigate the impact of exceptions with data-driven responses, getting exceptions routed automatically to the necessary parties. Intelligent Audit takes in tens of thousands of points of data and evaluates what is controllable and what is not, suggesting how to proceed with the recommended response. Equipped with ability to not only route to the right team but also find the optimal actions to take, you can improve service for your customers, giving them greater resiliency and reliability.

real-time visibility dashboards
shipment updates

Real-Time Shipment Updates

Like your operations, your customers’ has a continuous need for data, and real-time shipment data must be available at all times for it to be useful. Increase their trust and improve their overall experience by providing customers with timely and accurate information about their shipments. Streamline your operations with automation, and ensure your customers always have access to the information they need for their decision-making processes, while delivering excellent service and on-time deliveries.


Your Course of Action

Gain a holistic view of transportation data to help navigate potential obstacles before they arise. Intelligent Audit provides analytics for insights into how to better serve your customers. Maybe they need a different process for handling when damage occurs to shipments in transit—like notifying the customer preemptively and sending a new shipment. Get the tools to identify these opportunities through Intelligent Audit’s proprietary application for analyzing data and deriving actionable decisions.

decide and act

Real-Time Visibility

24/7 Shipment Visibility

Give your customers real-time visibility into their shipments around the clock, for a better customer experience with on-time deliveries.

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Cross-Carrier Comparisons

Gain insight into the performance of all your transportation providers with cross-comparison capabilities.

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Resource Efficiency

Save on labor, time, and costs by trading manual methods of searching for visibility data for automation and efficiency.

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Insights into the Customer Experience

Respond to exceptions faster and improve metrics that matter like reducing lost merchandise rates and customer attrition.

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Loss and Damage Claims Management

Access documented evidence for a smoother loss and damage claims process with carriers.

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Proactive Control

Go beyond a reactive approach by channeling data for opportunities to better serve your customers.

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