Intelligent Audit Listed as a 2022 FreightWaves FreightTech 100 company for 4th Consecutive Year

The annual FreightWaves FreightTech 100 2022 list is now published and live. Many names are familiar on the list, including Tive, Transfix, TuSimple, Uber Freight and more. Intelligent Audit's inclusion on the FreightTech 100 2022 marks its fourth consecutive year being honored on this elite list. Meanwhile, the industry is in a state of continuous disruption, peak season surcharges abound, and uncertainty is becoming less of a worry due to the application of meaningful technology. It's all part of how Intelligent Audit adds value to its shippers by leveraging technology to enable shippers to ship smarter, faster, cheaper, with fewer exceptions. We will also provide why there is value behind this award and why it's important to understand what the FreightTech 100 Awards are and what sets Intelligent Audit apart from its competitors.

What Are the FreightTech 100 2022 Awards

The FreightTech 100 2022 Awards are a list of 100 logistics technology companies that have been nominated for inclusion to FreightWaves. A team of industry insiders at FreightWaves selects the top 100 performers based on their usefulness through disruption, how they build a better mousetrap in logistics (pardon the cliché), and what those companies have done to maintain their value-add for clients. Some of the top mentions in this year's list include BlueGrace Logistics, GlobalTranz, GXO Logistics, J.B. Hunt, Tesla and many more. Of course, the whole list is available and shared on FreightWaves, but the real excitement is yet to come.

Following the release of the FreightTech 100 2022 Award recipients, a panel of CEOs, industry leaders and investors review the nominations and select the FreightTech 25 2022 Award recipients. With the pressure on for the industry to do more with less in the peakest peak in history, the current year's lineup will help to position Intelligent Audit as a go-to solution for survival in times of market instability. But why? To answer that question, it's important to understand why Intelligent Audit was chosen and how Intelligent Audit is making a difference for its customers.

Why Intelligent Audit Was Chosen

Intelligent Audit is much more than a simple auditing platform. It's a global all mode comprehensive technology solution specializing in reducing costs by analyzing every aspect of your transportation, empowering shippers to become smarter, which is defined by shipping shipments to your customers faster, cheaper, with fewer exceptions. And that comes down to the solutions that set Intelligent Audit apart. These include:

  • Parcel and freight auditing. With a systematic and comprehensive audit of more than 150 data points, shippers gain insight into their total shipping spend and are able to eliminate all instances of inaccurate billing and mismatches between quoted versus invoiced rates.
  • Complete, secure freight payment. Intelligent Audit also leverages an exclusive API carrier payment processing platform through TriumphPay to streamline and create fail-proof payment processes. The partnership shortens the payment clock and eliminates much of the uncertainty and backdoor transactions associated with traditional freight payment processes too by leveraging a regulated, secure environment.
  • World-class business intelligence and analytics. While avoiding excess spend is great, Intelligent Audit takes savings opportunities a step further with its comprehensive platform that ingests data from across your full tech stack, cleanses it, normalizes it to ensure it is comparable to other data sets, corrects anomalies, and analyzes it to derive actionable insights. Users find success with 750 on-demand reports and enjoy the freedom of custom reporting that helps shippers ship smarter, not harder.
  • Optimized carrier management and modeling. Part of shipping smarter comes down to using the data to improve cost comparison and carrier selection. Giving shippers the capability to quantify their decisions before making them ensures the company is paying competitive rates and using the right mode, even for parcels, on every transaction, like differences between FedEx GRIs and those associated with DHL.
  • Actionable data with granular insight and easy-to-use finance tools. The whole of the above is rolled up into an intuitive user dashboard that gives real-time explanations and reporting functionality on-demand to help shippers stay in the know and be responsive throughout market uncertainty.

What's Next for Intelligent Audit

The market is ripe with instability, rising fuel costs, changing dynamics, and political stress. There are many factors at play, but technology can help shippers cut through the noise with a data-backed strategy that can find opportunities for savings in the darkest of places. And of course, we'll be watching and waiting for the announcement to learn whether Intelligent Audit does indeed win FreightTech 25 2022. Regardless, taking an award in the FreightTech 100 2022 for the fourth consecutive year is an amazing accomplishment, and it's time to take notice of what Intelligent Audit has to offer your company. Connect with Intelligent Audit to learn more today.

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