UPS Simple Rate Explained

What is UPS Simple Rate?

When it was introduced in September 2019, the UPS Simple Rate was a flat-rate shipping solution designed to compete with similar postal carriers. However, unlike the other carriers, the UPS Simple Rate took the additional step of allowing shippers to use their own packaging up to 1,728 cubic inches. With this innovation, UPS allows shippers to mail packages up to 50 pounds without worrying about troublesome surcharges for delivery area and fuel. 

UPS Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Wilson, speaking in the press release announcing UPS Simple Rate, said “UPS responds to our customers’ need for more convenience, choice and control [...] Simple Rate helps small businesses take the guesswork out of shipping by providing simple, fast and transparent flat rates nationwide with guaranteed on-time delivery and no special packaging required.”

With the goal of increased flexibility in mind, UPS Simple Rate has allowed customers to customize their packaging to their specific needs while enabling them to access flat-rate services. 

What are the UPS Simple Rate Box Sizes that are Available?

At UPS, flat-rate box sizes range from extra-small (1-100 cubic inches) starting at $9.45 to Extra-Large (1,051-1,728 cubic inches) starting at $24.30. The wide variety of UPS Simple Rate sizes ensures that customers can send anything from small jewelry items to kitchen appliances for a guaranteed flat-rate. 

How Much Does UPS Simple Rate Cost?

While UPS Simple Rate offers a flat fee for shipping, that fee depends upon a variety of factors such as the parcel size, shipping destination, and delivery speed 

UPS Simple Rate Pricing for Shipping Between Contiguous States

UPS Simple Rate Size UPS Ground UPS 3 Day Select UPS 2nd Day Air UPS Next Day Air Saver
Extra Small $9.45 $16.10 $18.60 $27.35
Small $12.40 $19.50 $22.15 $34.85
Medium $14.95 $27.70 $28.35 $39.05
Large $19.60 $37.10 $50.55 $58.60
Extra Large $24.30 $46.60 $65.50 $75.75

UPS Simple Rate Pricing for Shipping from Contiguous States to Metropolitan Alaska and Hawaii

UPS Simple Rate Size UPS Ground UPS 2nd Day Air
Extra Small $33.55 $37.10
Small $36.10 $39.85
Medium $44.60 $48.75
Large $58.00 $62.50
Extra Large $71.75 $76.10

UPS Simple Rate Pricing for Shipping from Contiguous States to Rural Alaska and Hawaii

UPS Simple Rate Size UPS Ground UPS 2nd Day Air
Extra Small $43.80 $68.55
Small $46.05 $74.10
Medium $55.00 $83.50
Large $67.40 $97.10
Extra Large $82.10 $115.25

The Benefits of UPS Simple Rate

For businesses looking for a fully enriched shipping option, UPS Simple Rate is a great option. 

Many small package carriers  insist that shippers can only ship packages using proprietary packaging. Although this may not seem much of an inconvenience at first glance, these restrictions can lead to troublesome inefficiencies. For example, customers may be forced to make an extra trip to the carrierlocation in order to purchase their packaging, even if they have their own packing material. In the end, this means that UPS customers save can save money if they provide their own boxes. 

Beyond packaging options, shippers are often surprised by costly surcharges and fees at the register. With UPS Simple Rate, shippers pay a simple, easy-to-find rate without surprising surcharges and fees. With UPS Simple Rate shipping, shippers can improve visibility over their spending. 

With unprecedented customization options, UPS Simple Rate is a flat-rate shipping solution designed to meet the complex needs of today’s shippers. 

How to Find the Cheapest UPS Simple Rate Pricing

Finding the most cost effective UPS Simple Rate depends on an accurate understanding of the shipping needs of the customer The UPS Simple Rate is dependent upon the size of a shipper's package; if the package is smaller, the shipper pays less. With that in mind, shippers should maximize the value of their shipments by packing boxes as efficiently as possible. 

Beyond size considerations, shippers can lower their UPS Simple Rate by allowing ample time for shipments. By planning ahead, shippers can take advantage of the lower rates offered by UPS Simple Rate’s slower delivery option, which provides delivery within five days. 

Common UPS Simple Rate Questions, Answered

Where Can I Ship Packages Using UPS Simple Rate?

While UPS Simple Rate is often the most affordable option for shipping within the United States, simple rate UPS doesn’t offer international shipping. Unlike some competitors, however, UPS Simple Rate offers affordable shipping options for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. 

Can I ship returns with UPS Simple Rate?

With UPS Simple Rate, shippers can easily print return labels. 

Can I use branded packaging?

With more small businesses than ever looking to access affordable shipping solutions, UPS Simple Rate is an ideal option for shippers looking to optimize logistics and brand visibility. 

Do I need an account with UPS to ship UPS Simple Rate?

While some shipping providers require shippers to have an existing account before shipping flat rate, UPS Simple Rate doesn’t require shippers to have an existing account before taking advantage of UPS Simple Rate. This saves shippers the hassle of making yet another shipping account, and allows for maximum efficiency. 

What if my package is damaged?

All UPS Simple Rate packages are automatically insured up to $100, giving shippers peace of mind in an often perilous shipping environment. 

What if my package doesn’t arrive on time?

With UPS Simple Rate, UPS is introducing unprecedented accountability into flat-rate shipping: shippers who’s packages fail to arrive by the date quoted can expect their money back. 

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