Enriched Freight Data Provides Plenty of Opportunities for the Most Complex Shippers

freight data

Given the meteoric rise of e-commerce and soaring customer demands in recent years, freight audit and payment (FAP) service providers play an integral role in helping companies reduce transportation costs related to parcel deliveries. However, there is another equally important side to shipping — freight shipping — where FAP yields a weighty influence in orchestrating a highly synchronized effort that drives logistics optimization in domestic and global supply chains.

This white paper takes a closer look at how the enriched data provided through FAP services creates enormous opportunities for the most complex freight shippers that help drive economies worldwide. Specifically, this piece  explores the following areas:

  • Filter Out the Noise with a Single Source of Truth
  • How Do We Become Better? No More Surprises!
  • The Power of Enriched Data: Exception Management Made Easy
  • Achieving More Together: Lifting the Carrier Experience
  • The Current State of Freight: Tight Capacity, Soaring Costs & More
  • More Value-Added Services
  • Conclusion: Intelligent Audit Helps Freight Shippers Unlock Vast Potential

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WHITE PAPER: Using Business Intelligence to Optimize Your Parcel & Final Mile Network