Logistics Performance Management Hinges on Data & Actionable Insights

Many moving parts must work in unison for logistics processes to fall into place. Having a strong network is critical for logistics performance management. A strong carrier network can ensure the supply chain runs as planned, and consists of the use of analytics platforms to retrieve data and yield actionable insights. This is combined with automated technology systems and other analytical processes. The goal is to create a strategic approach for optimal transportation performance and visibility.

The Problem With Limited Logistics Performance Management

One problem with vital performance monitoring is poor logistics performance management. Much of this comes from a fear of automation and technological advances for business intelligence. According to Inbound Logistics, "Notwithstanding the need for new technology… it has become an increasing challenge for the logistics industry to stay on top of new advances in business processes. Taking advantage of these new opportunities sounds enticing, but adoption and onboarding can be overwhelming." To be successful in logistics management, supervisors must embrace modern technology. It is the best way to continue growing and thriving in the changing industry today.

Transportation Data and Actionable Insights Enable Real-Time Resilience and Increased Throughput

One way to improve logistics insights is to learn how to navigate the e-commerce world of automation, 3PL partnerships, and freight management. This can be achieved with logistics performance management practices:

  • Capture real-time data with IoT tracking and a streamlined management and shipping process.
  • Use on-demand transportation analytics to predict possible exceptions and to make plans to overcome them.
  • Embrace automated logistics performance management setup and utilize all available options.
  • Work to maintain open lines of communication for better collaboration within the supply chain.
  • Use logistics forecasting and improved data sharing practices to ensure accurate decision making.

Ensuring shippers can adapt and respond to data is critical for the shipping managers. A crucial part of increasing throughput is the ability to adapt and respond.

KPI Creation Tips Increasing Logistics Performance Management

Improving logistics and performance management can seem overwhelming at times. However, it becomes straightforward when broken down into manageable bits. Logistics and transportation networks must maintain an accurate focus on supply chain KPIs. Managers must also ensure SMART logistics performance management and optimization focus. For reference, that means choosing and creating KPIs that carry these characteristics.

  • Specific: How best to connect KPIs with specific and strategic goals.
  • Measurable: How to track data and know when specific goals get reached.
  • Attainable: Ensuring targeted goals are realistic and reasonable.
  • Results-oriented: Ensure outcomes, not inputs, get measured, and monitored.
  • Time-based: Remaining focused on time-sensitive goals and markers.

This sort of approach allows logistics managers and shippers to stay on the same page. It also for better collaboration through every step of the shipping process.

Reap the Rewards of Stronger Load Management With Intelligent Audit

Performance management becomes essential for optimization. This includes various aspects of the logistics management strategy. Cutting back on wasted time, resources, working hours, and processes can help improve profits and increase throughput. Improving logistics performance management can get overwhelming. With the right focus and insight, it will more than pay for itself in the long run. Contact Intelligent Audit to get started.

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