[PODCAST] How Retailers Are using Data to Make Smarter Decisions

[PODCAST] How Retailers Are using Data to Make Smarter Decisions

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Intelligent Audit’s CEO, Hannah Testani, talks to FreightWaves’ Adam Robinson on his podcast, “stackd” about how retailers are using shipping data & analytics to make smarter decisions.

Supply Chain professionals who inform the organization about what is going on in relation to transportation management, collaborative work cross-departmentally on huge initiatives. This data-driven and insight-rich environment aids in meeting shipment deadlines, capacity procurement strategies, network optimization, and improved customer experience.

With Intelligent Audit as your partner leveraging our deep analytics platform, we allow shippers to look at the data in all modes, collect it, cleanse it normalize it, and analyze the data, yielding actionable insights so our customers make the decisions that protect important profit margins.

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