eBook: The Benefits of Small Parcel Contract Audit

Contractual audit is a pivotal component of a holistic approach to shipping spend reduction. Whether your discrepancies are in the form of rate inaccuracies, service level errors, or incorrect accessorial charges, chances are you are being billed incorrectly.

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Small parcel contract audit scenarios:

Freight Incentive Discrepancies

Minimum Charge Verification Discrepancies

Accessorial and Surcharge Audit

Contracted Dimensional Weight Factors

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I am always looking for an ice breaker with my customers, and this eBook will be a great conversation starter.
This eBook is exactly what we are looking for in terms of learning how we can cut costs and increase efficiency with small parcel audit.

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  • Learn how you can achieve hard and soft dollar savings
  • Discover strategic opportunities for organizational improvement
  • Great resource for learning why your business needs to do a small parcel delivery audit now.

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